William Morris and His Brer Rabbit Wallpaper

William Morris — artist, designer, preservationist, and man with an extensive Wikipedia page — designed Brer Rabbit Wallpaper.  The staff of the Wren’s Nest just discovered this fact.

William Morris Brer Rabbit Wallpaper

Apparently, we have been under a rock for quite some time.

Morris released the design in mid-1882, 18 months after Joel Chandler Harris released Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings in the United States.

It’s amazing how quickly the Brer Rabbit stories skipped across the pond.  Not only did Morris have time to come up with this design in less than two years, but also Rudyard Kipling (b. 1865) memorized the stories in school around the same time.

You can still order the wallpaper (or drapes!) in different colors.  Run, don’t walk, to the Morris and Co. website to grab a sample.

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  • Wrap a child in this fantasy by papering a room.
    Its symbols—in black, white, or sepia,
    far less confrontive than a flag waving.
    Its Images in early craftsman design somehow
    exemplifying the American experience more
    completely than all them stars and stripes.
    Clever adaptation of Americana by the Tea
    Bag William Morris.
    What an agent!

  • I was delighted to learn that you linked to my posting about William Morris and his Brer Rabbit Wallpaper. Now if I could convince Tall Husband to let us paper a room at The Bunny Bungalow with it.

    Love your blog! And your Wren’s Nest home. I’ll be back for many visits.

  • The astonishing thing about Morris is that his vision was entirely focused on beauty and art not just for the superrich (like, for example, Peter Faberge and his Easter eggs), but for all economic classes. In Morris’ world, every woman, child and man deserved a life surrounded by exquisite beauty and craftsmanship.

    The Victoria & Albert Museum had a fabulous Morris exhibition in the 1990s and I was lucky enough to see it. A day of unimaginable beauty. The exhibition was put into book form, and you can find used copies on Amazon. You won’t believe the endless cornucopia of beauty Morris left behind. Get this book!

    I’ve always wondered what my sleep and my dreams would be like if I went to bed every night in a room with William Morris wallpaper.

    Hiya Van Dyke Parks!!!

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