Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research


Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research conducted a GH101 class and paranormal investigation at the Wren’s Nest on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Our findings were as follows:

Equipment used:

  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • IR Cameras
  • Various EMF Meters
  • Various Temperature Sensors
  • ITC Device – Boo Bear

The team consisted of Denise R., Doug S., Terrell W., and Tammy Tamasi along with our GH101 attendees. Two teams were led through the house during the investigation. One was led by lead
investigators, Tammy T. and Terrell W., and the other was led by lead investigator, Doug S.

Digital photographs yielded no positive results.
Video footage yielded no positive results.
Audio recordings yielded no positive results.

Several anomalies occurred throughout the investigation as follows:

  1. As Tammy’s group was in the basement, there were random knocking noises that could not be attributed to the group or any of the other attendees.
  2. In the Front Parlor, there were several instances of KII hits. (Several instances of EMF changes occurred throughout the house as evidenced by “hits” on our KII EMF Meters. The spirit/entities would respond to our requests to change the EMF field and therefore change the color of lights on these devices.)
    The same apparition from previous investigations – a female peeking through the curtain – was seen here.
  3. In the Library, both groups experienced KII hits around the piano. During Tammy’s group investigation in the library, an attendee asked “If you want us to leave, you have to light upthe KII all the way to red.” The KII responded and the meter pinged all the way up, turning all the lights on and ending with red. The group promptly left the library.
  4. In the Mother-in-law/Wife’s Bedroom an apparition was seen passing by the outside bedroom window on the right side of the house. It appeared to be walking from the front of the house to the back. It is important to note that the windows on this side of the house are not ground level (They are 5-6 feet from the ground.) There are no street lights that would cast a shadow in front of the windows.
    Tammy’s group also experienced KII hits around the toy piano in the room. (This is the same piano where Tammy’s flashlight moved to the trunk on our Feb. 2 investigation)
  5. In the Dining Room both groups experienced KII activity. The apparition of a male (believed to be the same one from previous investigations) was seen in the dining room.
  6. In the Sister’s Room, attendees in Doug’s group reported seeing the female apparition who has been seen here on previous investigations. She was wearing a white dress.
  7. In the Front East Parlor, Tammy’s group experienced flashlight responses. The flashlight was placed on the mantle. One of the attendees made a comment saying that she believed the flashlight was a trick light or that it was turned in such a way that movement in the room could turn it off or on. At that moment, the flashlight turned on. A moment later one of the attendees noticed that the front porch light turned on then quickly turned off when they said something about conserving electricity. There were several instances where the flashlight would turn off or on, when requested to do so in this room.
  8. In the Attic/Boys Bedroom there was a great deal of KII activity. Both groups would ask questions with seemingly direct responses from the KII meters.

In conclusion, we believe that there is paranormal activity at the Wren’s Nest. We believe there is a residual haunting (meaning our sensitives are picking up on energies that are like a recording from a moment in time that replays itself over and over), as well as an intelligent haunting (meaning the spirits interact with the investigators) at the Wren’s Nest.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Melissa Swindell, and the Wren’s Nest for affording us the opportunity to further our research. We are so excited for this great opportunity
and look forward to more investigations!

Sincere Thanks,
Denise Roffe
Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research

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