Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research


Week 1

Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research conducted a GH101 class and paranormal investigation at the Wren’s Nest on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

This is an addendum to our previous report. Team member, Tammy, has gone through the audio data from a digital voice recorder that was left with Boo Buddy (aka Creepy Bear) in the Library. Audio recordings yielded four positive results.

  1. As the team entered the library, they noticed that Boo Buddy was located there, sitting on a chair. Boo Buddy indicates that he is sensing vibration by saying “That tickles”. One attendee states “He just said ‘that tickles’”. Approximately 5 seconds later, a Class B EVP of a man’s voice can be heard saying “That’s crazy.” Click here to listen!
  2. As Denise was giving instructions concerning the investigation, a female whisper can be heard approximately 8 seconds into the recording, followed by Boo Buddy saying “Boo Bear tickles”. Click here to listen!
  3. An attendee asks Denise “Do ghosts only whisper?” Denise replies “No”. Approximately 2 seconds later a whispering voice can be heard. Click here to listen!

Best Regards,
Denise Roffe
Founder/Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research

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