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Virtual Storytelling

Can't make it to The Wren's Nest for storytelling? Then we will bring the storytelling to you!

Welcome to Virtual Storytelling!

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Wren's Nest has temporarily closed to the public. We miss sharing the house with visitors every weekend and particularly miss our storytelling hour every Saturday at 1 p.m. Fortunately, The Wren's Nest has found a temporarily solution and is now bringing storytelling to you.

How It Works

On Saturdays at 1 PM, The Wren's Nest will live stream a new story from a professional storyteller on our Facebook page. During these performances, you are welcome to comment, react, and ask questions!

After the live stream, the recording of the performance will be available on this page as well as on our YouTube Channel

About the Storytellers & Stories

The Wren's Nest has four affiliated professional storytellers who regularly perform at and on behalf of the museum. You can find out more information about them on our website here

For Virtual Storytelling, The Wren's Nest is excited to welcome guest performers! These guests are members of the professional storytelling organizations Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia and the Southern Order of Storytellers

While The Wren's Nest is the historic home of Joel Chandler Harris, who compiled and published the Brer Rabbit tales, the museum is dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of storytelling in all its forms. Therefore, Virtual Storytelling will feature both Brer Rabbit and non-Brer Rabbit stories!

Storyteller Performances

"Oscar the Worm" with Gwendolyn J. Napier

Find out more about Gwendolyn J. Napier on our website

"Brer Rabbit and Brer Deer Race" with Chetter Galloway

Find out more about Chetter Galloway on our website.

"Coyote and Mouse" with Guest Storyteller Barry Stewart Mann

Barry Stewart Mann, MFA, is a professional actor, storyteller and arts educator based in Atlanta. A graduate of Harvard University with an M.F.A. in Theatre from the University of San Diego, Barry tells, performs and teaches throughout Metro Atlanta and beyond. As a storyteller, he has shared tales in schools, libraries, festivals, camps, and museums; he has toured internationally to Colombia, Chile and Argentina with Dream On Productions, was featured at the II Festival Internacional de Cuentacuentos in Santo Domingo, DR; and was named the 1999 National Storyteller of the Year.

Find out more about Barry on his website at:

"How Brer Rabbit Lost His Tail" & "How Brer Bear Lost His Tail" with Akbar Imhotep

Find out more about Akbar Imhotep on our website!

"Why the Sky is Far Away" with Guest Storyteller Gloria Elder

Gloria S. Elder is a professional storyteller and author. Gloria ( AKA “Glow Glo”) has been telling stories for more than 25 years. She enjoys telling stories of her many adventures of growing up around her loving grandparents. Gloria's first book titled: “I Walked A Mile in Her Shoes: A Story of Unconditional Love”, is a story about one of her many adventures of growing up with her maternal grandmother.

The areas of storytelling that Gloria enjoy most are, personal, historical portraits, and folktales. She has performed at birthday parties, in schools, hospitals, churches and at festivals.

Gloria is a member of Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia and currently serves as its President. She is also a member of the National Association of Black Storytellers (NABS) and is a recipient of the NABS "2019 Brother Blue Circle of Elders Award.”

"Brer Rabbit Goes Hunting" with Guest Storyteller Josie Bailey

Josie Bailey knows that she has the best job in the world. She talks to animals. And they talk back! She finds hope and inspiration in the stories of the lives of people of today and from our history. She helps people grieve and celebrate the joy in their lives. With her presentations and narratives, Josie takes her audiences on imaginative journeys to reach new insights and understanding. She uses an engaging and interactive approach that draws her listeners into a world of imagination, teaches the love of language and literature and shows the power of words to create new insights.

For more information check out her website.

"Brer Rabbit and Miz Nancy" with Guest Storyteller LaDoris Bias-Davis

LaDoris Bias-Davis Bio, BA, MS LaDoris has shared stories and facilitated workshops local and internationally for over 25 years. Sharing Personal stories, folktales, fairy tales, etc to varied audiences and ages. LaDoris believes that "Storytelling has no Limitations" and "Storytelling releases the power of the mind and nurtures the human spirit!."

For more information check out her bio on the KUUMBA Storyteller website

"Brer Rabbit Grossly Deceives Brer Fox" or "Brer Rabbit's Riding with Akbar Imhotep

Find out more information about Akbar Imhotep on our website!

"Anansi the Spider and the Colorful Kente Cloth"* With Guest Storyteller Jerry G. White

*Original story written by Jerry G. White

As a percussionist, lyricist, songwriter, screenwriter, writer, producer, director, actor, and singer, Jerry G. White fuses all of those elements into his passion and love for performing and being an arts educator.

Find out more information about Jerry on his website: A Performance Method

"Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear Go Fishing" with Gwendolyn J. Napier

Find out more information about Gwendolyn J. Napier on our website!

"Brer Gator Meets Trouble" with Chetter Galloway

Find out more information about Chetter Galloway on our website!

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