Tote Bags are the New Other Kind of Bag

After many a moon without them, we finally have tote bags back in our grubby little hands.  Welcome back, friends!

If you’re the type of person who carries things from one place to another, these tote bags will be perfect for you.  They not only hold things, but come with straps to keep your hands free and your shoulders laden with weight. Innovations!  Yes!

The totes come in a beautiful “natural” color and feature either Brer Rabbit in orange or our lovely logo in forest green.  Great for outfit coordination, they’ll prove the name of our museum is not actually “The Wren House” wherever you go.

These beauties are a steal at $7 a pop and will be up on our online store soon.  In the meantime, shoot us an email if you want one!

Brer Rabbit, The Wren's Nest, Tote Bags

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