The 6th Annual Scribes Program Book Launch!

The reincarnation of Joel Chandler Harris’s stories has arrived, but in a way we least expected!

2014 KIPP Scribes' Next Door to the World

Labor Day weekend, students of KIPP STRIVE Academy released Next Door to the World, a series of re-creations and re-fabrications of the legendary folktales compiled by Joel Chandler Harris.

For the 6th year, we celebrated the Wren’s Nest Scribe’s Program participants and all of their hard work with a launch party for their new book. At the Decatur Book Festival, family, friends and loved ones filled a room in the Decatur Recreation Studio awaiting the launch of this anticipated work of art. Students worked throughout the Spring of 2014 with a writing mentor to do research, perform historical investigations, and ultimately create some of the best stories centered around Joel Chandler Harris’ history that you will ever read.

This year The Scribes Program provided twenty 5th-8th graders at KIPP STRIVE the opportunity to improve writing skills, learn more about the Joel Chandler Harris legacy, and become published authors. How amazing!

The book launch featured readings from the Scribes and gave community members the opportunity to purchase a copy of Next Door to the World as well as have their books officially autographed by these talented artists.

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