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People call Lain and I a lot of things: charming, good looking, dashing, hilarious, a “young punk” (Lain only), genius, humble, even “qualified”. But today we were called something so unprecedented, so exciting, so confusing– we were beside ourselves.

Folks, we were called PROFESSIONAL BLOGGERS. Egads!

Lain and Amelia in front of the Full House House

(Yep, these two totally non-awkward people.)

As part of a Writer’s Conference at Inman Middle School, today we spoke to an energetic eighth grade class about the merits of blogging. Once we got past Lain’s “cool” last name (they were finishing up MacBeth), we dove right into the exciting and money-filled world of professional blogging. Or, you know, what we do.

We mainly focused on what makes a blog different than other written sources, types of blogs, what makes a good blog, and why it’s totally hip to be a blogger. We’ll be repeating our shtick two more times this week.

The students all chose topics they were passionate about and wrote mini-blog posts, which they then edited with a partner and presented to the class. Topics included Colts v. Patriots, Homework v. No Homework, T.I. v. Lil Wayne, Randy Moss v. Va Tech, the attractiveness of Chris Brown, the musical stylings of Chris Brown, the dancing ability of Chris Brown, and Classic Rock v. Alternative Rock.

Chris Brown, heartthrob

(Professional eye-catcher and middle school girl favorite, Chris Brown.)

Lain and I somewhat arbitrarily chose our favorite blog, included below. Guest blogger Kiera Hicks wrote a treatise on the merits of recently incarcerated rapper T.I.

“I think T.I. is better than Lil Wayne because his lyrics talk about his life and what he has been through.

He doesn’t talk about a lot of sex, he is honest, he doesn’t smoke a lot, and he helps out his community and tries to make his life better.

Lil Wayne doesn’t have music for adolescents. Lil Wayne’s appearance to me is very unprofessional. I have never seen Lil Wayne wear anything other than a Bape Nape, pocket, white shirt, jeans, and shoes.

T.I. has a professional style of dressing. T.I. has his own style.”

T.I. looking dapper


Kiera, the moment you trade your love for T.I. for a love of turn of the century folk writers, give us a call.

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  • There is a whole new world out there. My wife would ask why I sit up late at night and watch music videos, especially the interviews. It was to keep up with what influenced and what was important to young people. Never knew that Chris Brown and T.I. were in competition for the hearts of middle schoolers. Don’t think I could have lived without this information. Professional Bloggers please keep me up to speed.

  • Those lucky 8th graders got to read MacBeth? We’re not allowed to teach that at my school. Or Romeo and Juliet. I can only *maybe* teach Midsummer Night’s Dream…. maybe.

  • Shakespeare is so cool……I use versions written for lower middle grades (4-6) in my class. We read through Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Midsummer Nights Dream. Kids love it.

    I love that you are visiting students.

    Question… Where is the picture taken in front of the row houses?

  • That’s Alamo Square Park, on the west side of San Francisco, kinda up near Golden Gate Park.

    Connoisseurs of fine television might recognize one of those painted ladies as the house from Full House. Astute readers of this blog may recognize that those houses and the Wren’s Nest are all Queen Anne Victorians.

  • I love all of chris brown’s picture. He is a very attractive individual brotha. Got to give him the credit.Keep doing what ever ur doing chris cuz I’m sure u inspiring someone out here in this world. You and several other artists showed me that you do what you want do, just put your mind to it.

    -Nidasha Baker

  • I think Chris Brown & T.I are the most honest person when it come to singing they are the best in my world I love you Chris Brown & T.I keep it up youuuuuuu rockkkkkk!!!!!!!!! peace up

  • well as all willl say chris is a very hot lokkin boi but has 2 mani girls on his jock but he’s a profesional singer but there’s other’s that looks better than him like”JUSTIN BIEBER”…..lol…..

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