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The Atlanta Opera's Rabbit Tales — Save the Date

Rabbit Tales will premier at the Wren’s Nest on October 29th. It’s the Atlanta Opera’s first ever commissioned work and it just so happens to be steeped in the Brer Rabbit stories.

They’ve sent along a save the date worthy of this prestigious occasion —

Save the Date for the Atlanta Opera's Rabbit Tales

I’d like to extend a tremendous thanks to the National Black Arts Festival for lending their expertise and African arts and crafts for the premier.

Can’t make the big day? Just bring Rabbit Tales to your school instead. Easy!

The Atlanta Opera's First Ever Commissioned Work — Rabbit Tales, A Brer Rabbit Children's Opera

Today the Atlanta Opera announced its very first commissioned work—a children’s opera called Rabbit Tales. And wouldn’t you know, it’s based on the Uncle Remus stories.

The first ever commission by the Atlanta Opera
We’re stoked.

Amber and I have worked with with the Atlanta Opera staff over the past few months to develop the vision for the production.

Librettist and playwright Madeleine St. Romain will weave stories from Native American, African, and Cajun folklore. The score, written by composer Nicole Chamberlain, will reflect those traditions.

The premier of the show will kick off National Opera Week right here at the Wren’s Nest on October 29th.

Rabbit Tales will tour elementary schools throughout Georgia in October and November of 2011 and also in February and March of 2012. Schools will have the option of including a storytelling performance from one of the Wren’s Nest Ramblers to complement the four-person opera.

Want Rabbit Tales at your school? Contact opera genius and good person Emmalee Iden — 404-881-8883 or eiden@atlantaopera.org.

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