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Free House Museum Rides This Weekend with Phoenix Flies

Is your biological clock telling you it’s about time for Phoenix Flies?

If so, you’d be a few days late. But if not, it should be! You remember Phoenix Flies — that sort of hard to pronounce annual event where the Atlanta Preservation Center orchestrates a few fantastic weeks of historic nerdery on the cheap.

Look no further than the Wren’s Nest this weekend and next. It’s free! It’s all free! Check out this easy-to-read schedule:

Saturday March 12: 10 – 2:30 pm. Storytelling: 11:30 and 1 pm.

Sunday, March 13: 1 – 4 pm. Storytelling: 1:30 and 3 pm.

Saturday, March 19: 10 – 2:30 pm. Storytelling: 11:30 and 1 pm.

Sunday, March 20: 1 – 4 pm. Storytelling: 1:30 and 3 pm.

Note the change in hours from Saturdays to Sunday.

And actually, do look a little further than the Wren’s Nest because there’s some crazy delightful stuff going down, like tours of the Wrecking Bar, Unseen Underground, the Castle, and so on.

Phoenix Flies — Be at One of Its Many Destinations or be Square!

Starting tomorrow and continuing through the 22nd of March, Phoenix Flies 2010 will be upon us.  This truly amazing opportunity to see a huge number of Atlanta’s historical attractions — on the cheap — should not be missed.

Like so many of the other participants, the Wren’s Nest will be offering special events and extended hours, in addition to free admission for the weekends of Phoenix Flies:

  • On (Saturdays) March 6th and 13th, we’ll have our regular hours (10am – 2:30pm) with two storytelling sessions: 11:30am and 1pm.
  • On Sunday — you heard me — March 7th (as well as the 14th), we’ll be open from 1 – 4pm, with storytelling sessions at 1:30 and 3pm.

In other words, don’t believe a word of what you read on Pecanne Log.  Except the part about Oakland Cemetery.  That’s all true.

    Phoenix Flies is put on by the Atlanta Preservation Center every year and, simply put, provides an outstanding range of events, almost all for free.  If I may be a crybaby for a moment, this is one of the few times it really busts my hump to work at such a small place, because in order for the Wren’s Nest to be open for Phoenix Flies, we can’t, you know, attend many other events.  Boo hoo.

    So please, see all the neat things you can — for me.  I beseech thee.

    "Ooh, Yeah, History Right There."

    The Wren’s Nest was featured this morning on CBS Atlanta in their “Blog Stew” segment, airing at 5:43am.  I missed it.  Shoot.

    Luckily, the whole clip can be found right here.  We’re at the beginning, in case you can’t free up more than 58 seconds in your schedule.

    Sue Rodman, of the wonderful Field Trips with Sue, led the segment, and was kind enough to highlight the Wren’s Nest as one of the many, many worthwhile destinations being showcased this weekend as part of Phoenix Flies (more on that tomorrow).

    The best part is that they’re basically scrolling through the Wren’s Nest Facebook picture page as they chat, meaning that Lain and I are now totally famous photographers.  Well, along with Jonathan Hillyer.

    Wait, did I say that was the best part?

    I meant that the real best part is the quote featured in the title of this post, which embodies how I feel when I walk into the Wren’s Nest every single morning.  Breathe it in.

    This clip also highlights a challenge we face every day at the Wren’s Nest: “Joel Chandler Harris” can be very hard to say.  Most frequently, people lob off the Harris and drop an “h,” leaving us with the esteemed Joel Candler.  Being that we’re in Atlanta and Candler is a name seen often around town, it’s understandable.  Plus, I mean, three names?  Who does this guy think he is? Mary Lou Retton?

    Anyhow, thanks to Sue Rodman and CBS Atlanta for showcasing the Wren’s Nest this morning — it was great!

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