Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research (SIPR) conducted a Ghost Hunting 101 class and paranormal investigations at the Wren’s Nest on the following dates:

Friday, September 6, 2019
Saturday, September 7, 2019
Friday, September 13, 2019
Saturday, September 20, 2019
Saturday, September 28, 2019

The full report from Denise Roffe, Founder of SIPR, is below.

Our Team:

Mandy – Mandy was able to communicate with spirits with the flashlight. This is specific to Mandy as we have attempted this kind of communication before and have had limited success until Mandy joined the team earlier this year. She is able to connect and we believe this is one of Mandy’s many spiritual gifts.

Ryann – Ryann is also a sensitive and we believe that she is an empath. She senses emotions easily and is able to communicate with spirits.

Doug – Doug is a multi-gifted sensitive. He senses spirits and is able to see, hear, and communicate directly with them. Doug is also our team Demonologist.

Equipment used:

– Digital Voice Recorders
– IR Cameras
– Various EMF Meters
– Various Temperature Sensors
– Various ITC Devices

Each evening the group split into two groups which were led by our lead investigators as they investigated the house.

Our findings were as follows:

Digital photographs yielded no positive results.

Video footage yielded one positive result.

Audio recordings yielded several positive results.

Results for Friday, September 6th:

1.  “East Parlor” – As one team was settling in to conduct an EVP session in the East Parlor, strange sounds and a grumbling voice can be heard. This voice could not be attributed to anyone who was present at the time.

Listen below!

2. The team was experimenting with an app called “ghost detector” throughout the night. At one point the app spelled out “car accident”. When the event was over and the team was headed home, there was a 15-car pile-up on the 75/85 connector downtown. Denise was driving. She slowed down as she came around a curve and saw that all lanes were blocked due to the pile up. It was then that another driver hit her from behind. All team members were safe and uninjured. Denise’s bumper sustained some minimal damage. It’s interesting to note that the device spelled out “car accident” and the team had a car accident on the way home.

Results for Saturday, September 7th:

1.  “Flashlight” – As Mandy was conducting an ITC (Inter-Transcommunication) session with her flashlight, a male voice can be heard responding to her request. This voice could not be attributed to anyone who was present at the time.

Mandy says: “Can you turn the flashlight on for me? That’s right here next to me?
A whispering male voice responds: “No”

Listen below!

Results for Friday, September 13th:

1.“Dog” – As the team was conducting and EVP session in the music room, this AVP was captured:

Ryann said “We heard you in here earlier. Can you let us know you’re in here now?”
A strange sound was heard. This is an instance of AVP – an EVP that was audible at the time of the recording. The team thought that the sound was clearly a dog. The source of the sound could not be found.

Listen below!

2. Mandy continued to have ITC using her flashlight. Ryann requested the flashlight so that they could experiment with her group. They also had success with the flashlight in the Sister’s room.

Results for Friday, September 20th:

1. “Light Anomaly” – As Ryann’s team was conducting an EVP session in the East Parlor, a light anomaly was captured flashing above Ryann’s head as she sat on the floor. Ryann felt a sudden drop in temperature just before the light anomaly was captured.

No other instances of EVP were captured.

Watch here!

Results for Saturday, September 28th:

No “Hard Evidence” was captured on this date.

Several anomalies occurred throughout the investigations as follows:

Several shadow people were spotted in the hallway. These were fleeting as though spirits were passing by, walking through the hallway. Denise witnessed a door open on its own during the investigation on the 13th of September.

Dining Room

Several spirits were sensed here consistently throughout the investigations. Doug sensed that there is an adult male presence wearing a light-colored (possibly white) suit who stands on the far wall next to the window that is closest to the kitchen. The spirit of two small boys were sensed here as well. Several people in the group felt these boys touching them or brushing up against them. There was an older female presence who told the boys to stop. This female spirit was intimidating to several of the event attendees as she was seen “staring them down”.

Joel Chandler Harris’ Bedroom

Two male adult spirits reside in this room. One stands in front of the fireplace and the other is believed to be Mr. Harris. A female spirit was spotted hanging around the closet door.

Sister’s Room
A female adult walks from the fireplace to the closet – pacing back and forth. The bookshelf door opened at least three times on its own hitting Doug.

East Parlor
A lot of K-II meter and flashlight activity happened throughout the investigations in this room.

West Parlor
Several sensitives believe that at least one funeral took place in the house. A casket was seen lying against the front wall. A female spirit paces back and forth against the back wall by the windows. Another female spirit was sensed here and is believed to be a daughter of Joel Chandler Harris. She is believed to be the spirit that interacted with Ryann when the light anomaly was captured in this room.

Library/Music Room
There is a female spirit who wonders from the West Parlor into the Library. She was an intelligent spirit who wanted to interact with the living. She would peek behind the curtains. She is believed to have been “help” in the house while she was living. A young male spirit was also sensed here. He is believed to be somewhere between 5 and 7 years old. He was very curious about the piano.

Mrs. Harris & Her Mom’s Room
Several people reported a general feeling of uneasiness here. There was a lot of K-II activity as well as flashlight activity in this room. There is a young female spirit who seems to enjoy interacting with the groups.

Two male spirits were sensed here. They are considered “intelligent” hauntings and enjoy interacting with the groups. It is believed that they are responsible for all the bangs, knocks, odd sounds, and the K-II meter spiking. They were able to interact briefly through the K-II EMF meter.

In conclusion…

We believe that there is paranormal activity at the Wren’s Nest. We believe there is a residual haunting (meaning our sensitives are picking up on energies that are like a recording from a moment in time that replays itself over and over), as well as several intelligent hauntings (meaning the spirits interact with the investigators) at the Wren’s Nest.

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