Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research

Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research

Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research conducted a GH101 class and paranormal investigation at the Wren’s Nest on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

Our findings were as follows:

Equipment used:

  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • IR Cameras
  • Various EMF Meters
  • Various Temperature Sensors
  • ITC Device – Boo Bear

The team consisted of Denise Roffe, Doug Smith, and Tammy Tamasi along with our GH101 attendees. Two teams were led through the house during the investigation. One was headed by lead investigator, Tammy Tamasi, and the other was led by lead investigator, Doug Smith.

Digital photographs yielded no positive results.

Video footage yielded no positive results.

Audio recordings yielded four positive results.

  1. As the team was conducting an EVP session in the basement, a loud banging noise can be heard. This noise was not noticed at the time of the recording and could not be attributed to anyone who was present at the time. Click here to listen!
  2. As the team was conducting an EVP session in the basement, Tammy asked “Why are you still here?” Immediately following Tammy’s question, a male voice can be heard saying “… here?” as though he was mocking Tammy. This voice could not be attributed to anyone present at the time, nor could it be attributed to anyone else in the other group as the other group was out of earshot. Then there is a sound followed by 2 knocks. These knocks were also not heard at the time of the recording. Click here to listen!
  3. File entitled “Parlor”: As the team was conducting an EVP session in the front parlor, Boo Bear (who was in the library) asks “Can you make a noise for me?” This is followed by two distinct knocks.  Tammy asks, “Can you knock like this?” and proceeds to make 3 knocking sounds. After this, a faint knock can be heard. Tammy says “Okay… thank you, can you do it again?”, then there is another faint knock in response. Tammy says, “All the way…”. No other sounds are heard. Click here to listen!
  4. As the team was conducting an EVP session in the front parlor, one of the attendees asks, “Do you want to come play with us?”, another attendee giggles. Boo Bear can faintly be heard in the background, then a female voice answers “Now?”. The very faint voice cannot be attributed to anyone who was present in the house at the time. Click here to listen!

Several anomalies occurred throughout the investigation as follows:

There was one instance of object teleportation:

  1. Tammy placed her flashlight on the toy piano in the Mother-in-law/Mrs. Harris’ suite. During an EVP session, the flashlight moved off the piano and landed on the trunk beneath it. However, it landed at a 90-degree angle and quietly enough that only a small sound was heard. Tammy then began to ask if anyone was present, to make the flashlight go on. The flashlight turned on. Tammy then asked the spirit/entity to turn the flashlight off, and the flashlight turned off. This happened several times – turning the flashlight off and on, on command.

There were two instances of Clairalience (The ability to smell things others cannot):

  1. Both groups had a few people who encountered the smell of burning candle wax in the library. Not all members of the groups had this experience.

Team sensitive, Doug Smith, reported the following:

  1. In the Sister’s Room, an adult female wearing a long white dress was sensed standing to the right of the fireplace. She was moving to the left across the front of the fireplace and back. She had perfect posture, with her hands clasped together at her waist.
  2. In the Dining Room, a male figure approximately 6’3” tall, wearing a white jacket, shirt, tie, and pants was seen standing between the china cabinet and the window.
  3. In the front parlor, a black female peeking through the curtains that separated the parlor and the library was sensed. She seemed to be confused about why we were there and what we were doing.

Several instances of EMF changes occurred throughout the house as evidenced by “hits” on our KII EMF Meters. The spirit/entities would respond to our requests to change the EMF field and therefore change the color of lights on these devices.

In conclusion, we believe that there is paranormal activity at the Wren’s Nest.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Melissa Swindell, and the Wren’s Nest for affording us the opportunity to further our research. We are so excited for this great opportunity and look forward to more investigations!

Sincere Thanks,

Denise Roffe
Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research

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