Scribes Writing Program

What is Scribes?

The Wren’s Nest sponsors an elective writing course in the KIPP Strive Academy middle school near our home in the West End of Atlanta. We have also sponsored the program at Brown Middle School. We recruit communications professionals and academics to provide one-on-one mentoring to students interested in various types of writing. The goal is to complete a story -- sometimes fiction, sometimes non-fiction -- based on a different theme each year. We collect the stories and publish them in a book that we debut at a party for the students and their families at the Decatur Book Festival on Labor Day weekend.

Scribes was started in 2010 by our then-director Lain Shakespeare. In its first decade, the program has involved some 200 students and more than 100 mentors. In this and related ventures, the Wren's Nest has published 20 volumes of student writing.

The photo shows our 2019 Scribes class at KIPP Strive Academy, which occupies the old Joel Chandler Harris Elementary School building.


Scribes 2020

The 2020 Scribes program encountered unprecedented challenges when the coronavirus pandemic struck and closed schools.

Click the first button below to find out more about how we adapted the program. Click the second button to read the stories (and beginnings of stories) the students were working on.

Thank you!

Our Scribes Program is supported in part by a generous Fulton County Arts and Culture grant.

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