Quasi Famous Visitors and Wacky Phone Calls

Three items of note from today at the Wren’s Nest–

Dino Brugioni, former senior CIA official and History Channel regular, visited the Wren’s Nest today.

Not only did he have a lot of interesting stuff to say, but he also boasts a more extensive Wikipedia article than Joel Chandler Harris.


Then, I got a weird phone call:

LAIN: Good afternoon, the Wren’s Nest!

GRANDMOTHER: Hi, I’m a grandmother.

LAIN: Okay.

GRANDMOTHER: And I would like you to pay my electric bill.

LAIN: (scrambling for an answer) That’s …not really what we do here.

GRANDMOTHER: (sounding dignified) Yes, but I’m a grandmother.  I’m raising my grandchildren.  I just need some help with my electrical bill.

LAIN:  I’m sorry, but we’re a house museum.  A non-profit house museum, and we’re hurting as well.

GRANDMOTHER:  You don’t understand.  I’m a grandmother.

LAIN: Ma’am?

GRANDMOTHER: (hangs up)


Then, I dialed a wrong number and got this message:

ANSWERING MACHINE: This is about pimpin’!  And that means money!  And if you ain’t got no money, you ain’t got no businesses with this pimp.  So, check your pockets.  Got money?  Get pimpin’.


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