Squirrel Census Poster


One Winter not long ago, a team of Squirrel Census Experts — yes, these exist! — visited the Wren's Nest. After a skittish greeting from Br'er Rabbit, and not a little bit of side-eye from Br'er Fox, they met up with good ol' Br'er Squirrel and started counting Sciurus carolinensis (Eastern gray squirrels) on the 2.26-acre property.

This map is the result: 18 x 24, finely printed two-color screenprint on 100-lb. “Cover French Construction Cement-Colored” paper. Loaded with facts about the Wren's Nest property, including Squirrel Abundance, Tree Heights and Girths, and location of Br'er Rabbit's Home, as well as a sweet story involving Br'er Squirrel and his love, Mary.

Great for kids' rooms, offices, living rooms, hallways, your funny-romantic friend's house, telephone poles, etc.

Created by our friends at the Inman Park Squirrel Census.