Photo Update from the 2011 KIPP Scribes

The other day our favorite photographer Jason Travis caught up with the KIPP Scribes. A handful of his photos are below. I think they’re pretty dope.

The Scribes have met 1-on-1 with professional writers each Tuesday since February. They’ll finish up tomorrow, then wait patiently while we design their book of creative nonfiction in time for the Decatur Book Festival.

Many thanks to the Fulton County Arts Council and the Kim King Foundation for their continued support of this program. Like so many other arts organizations in our community, we very literally could not have developed or maintained this program’s awesomeness without you. Also thank you to our spectacular volunteers. We couldn’t do this without you either.

Mohammed, one of the KIPP Scribes

Kimberly and Mohammed.

Amari, one of the KIPP Scribes.

Amari and Amanda.

Sakyra, one of the KIPP Scribes

Sakyra and Rebekah.

Lyric, one of the KIPP Scribes

Amber and Lyric.

Noah, one of the KIPP Scribes.

Noah and Tim.

Richelle, one of the KIPP Scribes.

Christina and Richelle.

Samuel, one of the KIPP Scribes.

Samuel and A.J.

Misha, one of the KIPP Scribes.

Gray and Misha.


Jason Travis, Kim King Foundation, KIPP Scribes


  • Great photos! And I can hardly wait to see the kids’ book! Thanks, Lain, for such a great program…all you’ve done since taking the helm is highly commendable…glad you’re there.

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