Our Friends The Asian Cajuns Are Famous!

Local fashionable bloggers, twins, and friends of the Nest Lauren and Catherine Lee are featured today on AJC.com.

Lauren and Catherine Lee

(Historical aside: the gazebo pictured is dedicated to J. Robin Harris, great-grandson of Joel Chandler Harris.  It’s in Decatur.  The connections simply don’t quit!)

Looking good, ladies!  You should probably check out their blog, AsianCajuns, right now.

We originally met the Lee twins thanks to Lauren’s fantastic work (yay Lampe-Farley!) on the Wren’s Nest website.  She did things like, you know, create it.  Thanks Lauren!

Ever since, they’ve been great chums.  Especially since they allow us to put up pictures of them making funny faces.


Lauren Looking Nervous at Victorian Christmas, Catherine serving cake

(Lauren and Catherine serving cake at our last Victorian Christmas.  Nice shirt, Lauren.)

Anyhow, nice work famous friends!

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