Now I Really Am Leaving the Wren’s Nest in September

Astute readers of this blog may recall last year’s April Fool’s Day joke. I was all like, “I’m leaving the Wren’s Nest in September. I’ve accepted another job.”

Today I’m pleased to report that some of that statement is now true — I’m leaving the staff of the Wren’s Nest in September 2011. (No, I don’t have a sweet job lined up. No, I haven’t been asked to leave.) You might have already read the notice in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When I arrived here in 2006, my job was pretty clear — see if you can’t revitalize this all but shuttered Atlanta institution.

Five years later, with the help of an invigorated board, dedicated donors, fantastic volunteers, key partnerships (like our latest collaboration with the Atlanta Opera) and an indispensable staff, we’ve done just that. The museum looks spectacular, and our programming is dynamic, engaging, and growing.

The executive director position at the Wren’s Nest is entirely different than it was in 2006. Our organization is infinitely more viable. We no longer need groundbreaking ideas like, “Let’s get an email address!” or “Let’s consider paying the light bill!”

What the Wren’s Nest needs now is to move from viable to robust.

Starting in September the plan is that I’ll serve as chair of our board of directors. There’s a real opportunity to shake things up there in a way that I can’t do as a staff member. That means we also have the opportunity to hire someone for my position who actually knows what they’re doing. Plus, they’ll have a passionate, knowledgeable advocate for a board chair who’s been through delicate transitions like this before.

Do you want my job? Read up on how to apply.

If you’ve got questions, comments, concerns, or bundles of money you’d like to hand over, please shoot me an email ( or give me a call (404-753-7735), or leave a comment below.


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Comments (6)

  • Best wishes, Lain, but so sorry to see you go! Your writing on the website is so much fun to read! You must be sure your replacement is at least half as witty!

  • Mary Catherine Martin

    Congratulations, Lain. I’m so happy to hear that your thoughtful stewardship is going to continue on the Board.

  • Hertencer Sheppard

    Sorry I didn’t get to meet you in person Lain: you sounded like a fun person when we talked on the phone several times. I am looking forward to your dynamic presence as Chairperson of the board.

  • Former Wren's Nest Intern Carson

    You’ve done good, Lain. May your spirit live on at the Wren’s Nest until the ghost hunters are hearing YOUR footsteps on the stairs!

  • Glad we can count on you to “shake things up” in your new role as Board Chair. Enjoy this next phase of your commitment to The Wren’s Nest.

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