Nicknames for Joel Chandler Harris — Redhead — by His Colleagues at the Savannah Morning News

Joel Chandler Harris, 1873

  • Pink-Top
  • Red-Top
  • Our friend of the ensanguined fore-top
  • Molasses-Haired Humorist
  • Vermilion-Pate
  • Naughty Boy of the Savannah Morning News

Amazing insight into JCH’s life courtesy of Stella Brewer Brookes and her tome of greatness, Joel Chandler Harris: Folklorist.

I’m pretty sure this also serves as a list of sweet nothings the Pecanne Log ladies whisper into Thomas Wheatley’s ears.

Joel Chandler Harris, Pecanne Log, Redheads, Savannah Morning News, Thomas Wheatley

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