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(Want to try your own hand at a Brer Rabbit illustration? Check out our new drawing challenge here!) When you think of Brer Rabbit, chances are the first image that pops into your head looks something like this: Brer Rabbit from Disneys Song of the South, animated by Wilfred Jackson Or possibly just this: Splash Mountain Ride in Disney World This is understandable given that this is the way animator Wilfred Jackson depicted Brer Rabbit
When the Wren’s Nest closed to visitors because of the coronavirus pandemic, it occurred to us that this was not the first time a virus had shaped our particular history. In fact, an epidemic is precisely what brought the Harris family to Atlanta in the first place! Sign in Savannah, Georgia marking Joel Chandler Harris history with the city Joel Chandler Harris called several places home before he moved to the West End of Atlanta.
Written by Jim Auchmutey, Wren’s Nest Board Member We are happy to see that Floyd Norman, our favorite animator, is being honored by Turner Classic Movies at the TCM Film Festival in Hollywood. If it weren’t for the pandemic, Norman would be at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre this weekend to receive a standing ovation from festival-goers. Instead, at 8 p.m. Sunday, TCM is showing a 2016 documentary about his remarkable career, Floyd Norman: An Animated Life.
Written by Jim Auchmutey, Wren’s Nest Board Member One of the things we’ve been doing with our down time at the Wren’s Nest is taking stock of our archives and collection. We have some interesting and curious items dating back 150 years. A fun example: a booklet titled, “Brer Rabbit’s Modern Recipes for Modern Living,” issued circa 1950 by Brer Rabbit Molasses. Yes, there’s a brand of molasses named for our favorite trickster bunny. Trademarked
Written by Jim Auchmutey, The Wren’s Nest Board Member The Wren’s Nest has employed scores of tour guides in its 107 years as a house museum, but few if any were as beloved as Nannie Thompson, who died on March 19 at the age of 88. “Miss Nannie,” as she was known, was an Alabama native who for many years ran a restaurant with her husband, Fred E. Thompson, in southwest Atlanta: Fred’s Fine Foods.

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