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The Wren’s Nest is excited to announce the launch of its first guided virtual tour, now available here! In the wake of COVID-19, The Wren’s Nest has been closed to visitors since mid-March. Like so many businesses and museums, we have shut our doors until we know it safe for visitors to return. It’s been a shame to have this house, which has been a museum for more than 100 years and is a physical
Perhaps it was an omen. Three Scribes at KIPP Strive Academy working on their stories before the shutdown. From left: Amaya Conner, Faith Lawrence, Amirah Jabbie. In January, when we asked students in our Scribes writing program to pick a topic for their stories, we suggested that since it was 2020, they look 20 years ahead and describe the world of the near future. Our students are middle-schoolers and love science fiction, so many of
At 4 p.m. this Sunday, May 17, the Wren’s Nest will host its first online book talk. Jonah McDonald, an entertaining Atlanta writer and tour guide, will talk about his new book, Secret Atlanta: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. It contains a short chapter about the Wren’s Nest … which made us curious. We’re assuming that since our historic house is not truly obscure, we are either wonderful or a little weird.
One of the stranger things we’ve found at the Wren’s Nest is this book from 1993 titled Uncle Remus con chile. Get a load of that face. Looks like our storyteller has discovered Tex-Mex and become a hipster. Love that red hot chile pepper shirt! The book is a legitimate collection of humorous folklore from the borderlands along the Rio Grande Valley. It was one of the last volumes published by Américo Paredes, a great
Written by Jim Auchmutey, Wren’s Nest Board Member This was to have been the fifth summer that Jazz Matters performed outdoor concerts from our backyard stage. Much to our regret, the season has been canceled — or at least postponed — because of the coronavirus pandemic. Jazz Matters is a local nonprofit that promotes the music and tradition of one of America’s greatest cultural contributions. Founded by veteran Atlanta musician Edwin Williams and his wife,

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