Ghosts at the Wren's Nest.

It makes sense, right? The house is old. It is a little spooky. Folks died here a long time ago. What else do you need? I don’t know for sure, but the good people at the Georgia Ghost Society might. Apparently, there have been “reports of paranormal activity taking place at the Wren’s Nest.” Maybe the activity is related to our alarm sounding at random. Or maybe the little boy asking about ghosts on Friday was onto something. Either way, I hadn’t planned on historic preservation at the ethereal level. But I could be wrong; maybe that’s preservation in the truest sense. Ooh.

Artistic generosity

This site is going to be a little light on the frills for the moment, until I figure out how to be an artistic genius, anyway.

Or maybe I don’t have to.

One of the things that I learn again and again at the Wren’s Nest is that a good lot of people would like to help out non-profits if only they knew how. Trouble is, many can’t or don’t like giving money, so they’re often automatically discarded as useless and stingy. That’s a shame, because so many of these useless and stingy people actually happen to be skilled and willing to help. Some of them are even funny and nice to talk to! Why would you want to overlook someone like that? Don’t think too hard: short answer is, you wouldn’t.

Today I met a man named Kevin who books musicians at East Andrews and has a background in marketing. Now, Kevin would be a perfect candidate for a non-profit that wants to promote a music venue cozily nestled under a tree canopy within its 2.249 acre grounds, ahem. I mean, Andrews Upstairs is a remarkable venue with a clientele very different than that of the Wren’s Nest. The cross-pollination could be very beneficial for both venues and expose customers to different parts of town that they wouldn’t normally be privy to. Not only that, but Kevin seems like the sort of guy who would help no matter what. He may not give the Wren’s Nest a check for several thousand dollars (yet), but his expertise is invaluable.

This is especially helpful to me, a shmuck without a background in marketing and a background in design that extends no further than coloring between the lines.

The moral is, don’t limit your benefactors to just those with a fat wallet. One of them might be a talented artist and web designer with WordPress experience (please), you never know.

Hello world…is right, buster.

Soon this will be the home of the day to day happenings at the Wren’s Nest. Stay tuned for totally awesome content like the differences between Neil Patrick Harris and Joel Chandler Harris, as well as only slightly less awesome content such as issues in historic preservation.

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