Muldoon’s Tour

See The Wren’s Nest like never before… with a furry tour guide!

In this virtual tour of Georgia’s oldest historic house museum, join author and journalist Joel Chandler Harris’s beloved family dog, Muldoon, as he shows you around the home. This multi-video series explores a different area of the house each episode as Muldoon shares some of his favorite facts, memories, and stories about his family and his home. From horses, donkeys, and cows to cats, guinea pigs and (of course) dogs, this tour also highlights all the furry residents of The Wren’s Nest!

Muldoon’s Tour premieres Tuesday, November 5th with new episodes releasing each subsequent Tuesday.

Check out the trailer and/or individual episodes below!

Muldoon’s Tour: Trailer

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 1 – Introduction
Welcome to Muldoon’s Tour! In this video, Joel Chandler Harris’s dog introduces you to The Wren’s Nest.

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 2 – East Parlor (Release date: Nov. 12th)
In Part 2 of Muldoon’s Tour, join Joel Chandler Harris’s dog as he shows you the East Parlor. Find out more about “Papa Harris” and learn how The Wren’s Nest got its name!

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 3 – Girls’ Bedroom (Release date: Nov. 19th)
Muldoon’s Tour continues with the Girls’ Bedroom today! In this installment, you’ll find out more about Joel Chandler Harris’s children and their furry friends.

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 4 – Library (Release date: Nov. 26th)
In Part 4 of Muldoon’s Tour, we explore The Wren’s Nest’s library! Learn more about Joel Chandler Harris’s mother and his upbringing from his furry friend.

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 5 – West Parlor (Release date: Dec. 3rd)
Join our canine guide in Part 5 of Muldoon’s Tour! Tour the West Parlor while you learn more about Brer Rabbit and Joel Chandler Harris’s literary influence.

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 6 – Joel Chandler Harris’s Bedroom (Release date: Dec. 10th)
Muldoon’s Tour continues Joel Chandler Harris’s bedroom. Essentially a time capsule, this room has remained largely unchanged since Harris lived in it. So step back in time and learn more about Harris’s writing and inspirations!

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 7 – Back Bedroom (Release date: Dec. 17th)
Explore the back bedroom – and the disconcerting concept of indoor plumbing – with our dog tour guide!

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 8 – Dining Room (Release date: Dec. 24th)
In Part 8, Muldoon shows you the dining room of The Wren’s Nest and tells you more about the Henderson family who worked there!

Muldoon’s Tour: Part 9 – Backyard (Release date: Dec. 31st)
In this final part of Muldoon’s tour, see the family dog’s favorite part of The Wren’s Nest: the spacious backyard!

Or you can view the full tour YouTube playlist here.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos with our canine star, JoJo, here!

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