Miss Nannie: Wren's Nest Celebrity

When Lain and I went to see Ed Negri speak, we got a signed copy of his book for Miss Nannie, who is a big fan. When we presented the book to Nannie, her verbatim response, delivered with book clutched to chest, was “I’m a Wren’s Nest Celebrity!”

And you know what? Miss Nannie is entirely correct.

Need proof? Great. Below are some of the more shining pieces of fan mail Miss Nannie received this week.
Glamorous Nannie

See? Here’s Nannie looking especially glamorous. Is she at the Wren’s Nest? We’re not sure. The television in the upper right corner seems mildly out of place in a house museum from 1913. On the other hand, this version of Nannie clearly enjoys all of life’s pleasures. I bet it’s plasma.

Talking Slow

It’s not only Nannie’s looks that wowed them — apparently her talking speed was just right. She’s really what makes us stand apart from those “other” museums. Best. Docent. Ever!


What is this picture of? What’s going on? What year is it? I can be sure of only one thing: I love it.

I Don't Want to Start Anything

This student really had to work hard to appear nonchalant in the face of her excitement. Sure her time at the Wren’s Nest was great, but will she return? Perhaps if her (obviously very busy) schedule allows it. Baby, you’re suffocating me.

Miss Nannie is the Perfect Bird

This is my personal favorite. You know why? Because it’s filled to the brim with truth, and that’s reason enough. Or else because I like the drive represented by this marker-drawn bird. Perfection is a tall order, buddy.

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  • Is that the bird that pecked my eyes out that my mom (thankfully) helped to destroy by maniacal planning (moving the cage)? I think it is, and for that I am horrified by this post.

  • John, Gabe, thanks for the compliments.

    John, your mention of Lain’s artistic streak may just be the inspiration for my next blog post/reminder that I love our scanner.

    Meus, you still have eyes, and that’s what counts. I mean, how else would you read this stupendous blog?!

  • Just for the record-I do in fact, have eyes. However, it is foolhardy of you to assume that I do not have a computer that reads to me. I smell nice and have a well paying job, and therefore am too busy to “read” everything that comes my way.

  • I have been intending to send an email about my visit to the Wren’s Nest in the past and just never followed through…no excuse! My husband, brother, sister-in-law and I took a tour at the end of last year and were very fortunate to have Nannie as our guide. We all are native Atlantans and had never visited the Wren’s Nest but loved the stories and history of Joel Chandler Harris. It was such a wonderful experience, and we all felt that Nannie made our visit so special. I have told my friends that they would be wise to put the tour on their list of historical places in Atlanta…and to be sure to ask for Nannie! She’s definitely a gem!

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