Joel Chandler Harris Died 100 Years Ago Today

Joel Chandler Harris passed away on July 3, 1908.  He was probably 62.

Joel Chandler Harris Passed Away 100 Years Ago on July 3rd, 1908

This was the next day’s paper.  Somehow I don’t think tomorrow’s headline will read much like it did 100 years ago.

Harris is buried in Westview Cemetery, not too far down the road.

Joel Chandler Harris' Grave

His gravestone reads–

“I seem to see before me the smiling faces of thousands of children some young and fresh and some wearing the friendly marks of age. But all children at heart and not an unfriendly face among them. And while I’m trying hard to speak the right word, I seem to hear a voice lifted above the rest saying you have made some of us happy. And so I feel my heart fluttering and my lips trembling, and I have to bow silently and turn away and hurry back into the obscurity that fits me best.”

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  • It makes me wonder what if we were all children. It would make for an unbelievingly wonderful world. Children come into this world with a clean slate. They are ready to become completed individuals. Think of the love and all the good that could come into this place we call earth if we remained childlike and made someone smile as we our make our quiet exit from this planet. I wish to salute two friends in the last month that have joined Saint Joel Chandler Harris in that final journey to obscurity (W. Roy Mays, & Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Charles W. Dryden).
    P.S. It was by public acclamination at our 2004 Legacy in Literature Dinner that Mr. Harris was declared a Saint.

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