History of The Wren's Nest

Joel Chandler Harris Dining Room

House Museum

Amazing photo by Jonathan Hillyer of Hillyer Photography.

The Wren’s Nest was the home of Joel Chandler Harris from 1881 until 1908.

It’s believed that the house received its name from the wrens who nested in the mailbox.

Built around 1870 as a farmhouse, the home was substantially remodeled and expanded by the Harrises during the 1880s in the Queen Anne Victorian style. It’s a unique example of upper middle class living at the turn of the 20th century. The Wren’s Nest officially opened as a house museum in 1913, with financial support from Andrew Carnegie, President Theodore Roosevelt, and the fundraising efforts of the kids in Atlanta Public Schools. Most of the furnishings in the house belonged to Harris and his family.

In 1962, the National Park service designated The Wren’s Nest a National Historic Landmark.

Between 1985 and 1992 the Joel Chandler Harris Association restored the interior and exterior, and in 2009 a $200,000 conservation project was completed.

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