As a historic house museum, representative of this community and its traditions in days of yore, it’s our job, NAY our duty to participate in community events. If we had a charter, this would undoubtedly be part of it.

Which is exactly why Lain skipped town last weekend.

Luckily, Matt and I have been hired to be far more noble, which is why we nobly participated in a Beltline cleanup this past Saturday, just a few blocks from the Wren’s Nest.

Plenty of Volunteers

(Ahoy, volunteers!)

Yes yes, I know, you thought the life of a Wren’s Nest employee was one of fans, reclining, and grapes. And occasionally it is, though with fewer grapes and fans. Last weekend, however, Matt and I got down and dirty- literally.

First was the dirty. As part of a trash removal crew, we were given bins and, thank the heavens above, work gloves. These hands shan’t callous! The directions were pretty clear: trash in bins.

Asian Cajuns Stick Together

(The lengths Asian Cajuns will go to for trash. Bravery at its finest!)

We got down sans-dancing when it became clear that though there was some trash near the street, the real work to be done was down in the ravine, where the Beltline track is/will be.

That's One Crazy Beltline Tunnel

(Here are Matt and Lauren considering escape options from the floor of the ravine. There were few.)

While I will let Lain wax poetic about the Beltline in a future post, as he is far more of a public transportation nerd than I (the best term for me would be something around “foaming at the mouth lunatic” thanks to my privileged upbringing), it was great to be a (very, very small) part of something that, in about 10 years, will drastically change the way Atlanta functions for the better.

That's One Crazy Beltline Tunnel, Again

(Trash! And check out the guy top left who was going for it, big time. He may or may not have had a safety line. His mouth said yes but absolutely everything else said no.)

So yes, while we did encounter some rather stinky, puzzling (a bag full of videotapes), and overwhelmingly wet trash, we also got to pat ourselves on the back… plus a free t-shirt and lunch! And you know how the Wren’s Nest feels about free food.

View From the Tunnel

(Behold! The site of the future! My, how clean it looks!)

Oh and then we drank beer all afternoon. Did I mention we’re noble?

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  • Saturday was so much fun! You, Lauren and Matt are the world’s best Beltline-trash-picker-uppers. And remember, proceeds from the Decatur Beer Festival are divided up into grants and given to local nonprofit organizations. So drinking beer this past Saturday just made you and Matt more nobler. Lain, you’ve got some catching up to do!

  • Catherine, y’all were a blast to spend that day with. The combination of volunteering and beer drinking is about as good as it gets. Please give Decatur our thanks for hosting such a great beer drinking/people watching festival.

    You should know that the chair I found in the ravine looks really good in my living room.

  • Reminds me that Duck and Herring had a cleanup this spring. The site is still on summer. Are they still publishing?

  • From my august position as community liaison for council district four (where this work was done to clear the beltline) let me say that on behalf of Council member Cleta Winslow that we appreciate your back breaking support. Although, your pictures highlight your efforts which they should. There were over 200 volunteers for this project. It was a win win for the neighborhood and the Wren’s Nest

  • No kidding, Marshall. Wish I could have been there. Go district four!

    Adine, yes Duck and Herring (http://duckandherring.com) is still publishing, and guess what–none other than fellow blogger Amelia is featured in the forthcoming Cold Weather Field Guide.

    I don’t think I’m making any of that up, anyway.

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