Cinco de what?

One of the stranger things we’ve found at the Wren’s Nest is this book from 1993 titled Uncle Remus con chile.

Get a load of that face. Looks like our storyteller has discovered Tex-Mex and become a hipster. Love that red hot chile pepper shirt!

The book is a legitimate collection of humorous folklore from the borderlands along the Rio Grande Valley. It was one of the last volumes published by Américo Paredes, a great Mexican-American folklorist who taught at the University of Texas in Austin and helped found what is now called the Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies at that institution.

Univ. of Texas Libraries

“I must apologize to the serious reader for the title of this volume,” Parades writes in the introduction, apparently wondering whether the Uncle Remus allusion is too gimmicky. The introduction is the only part of the book that’s printed in English.

He needn’t have apologized. Peredes was collecting folklore –  humorous folklore – and if that made him think of Uncle Remus and Joel Chandler Harris, well, of course.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone.


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