Brer Rabbit's Modern Recipes for Modern Living

Because I am a woman, I wanted to write about Brer Rabbit’s Modern Recipes for Modern Living, even though it was Lain’s discerning eye that found it.

Just how modern is this gem of a cook book?  Uh, I’m pretty sure your grandma didn’t put Brer Rabbit Molasses in Veal Goulash or Chop Suey.

Aside from the recipes, most of which are dessert, and more specifically, gingerbread-based (“The All-American Dessert”), there are some excellent pieces of advice to be found throughout the book.

For example, did you know Brer Rabbit Molasses Aids Meatless Meals?  “Meat and liver are valuable sources of iron.  So when meat is missing from your menu — or reduced in quantity — help keep the family’s iron intake up to par by serving plenty of Brer Rabbit Molasses.”  Delicious logic.

Oh, you didn’t think of molasses as a meat alternative?  Well, “Scientific tests have shown Brer Rabbit Molasses is second only to liver as a rich food source of iron the body can use.”  So there.

Plus, “authorities tell us a surprising number of people need to get more iron.”  Time is clearly of the essence, especially since “plenty of iron in the diet is more important than ever now — when national good health is vital to America’s future.”  Thank goodness we’ve jumped that hurdle.

And if you’re worried about your food tasting a little too heavily of a syrup that’s 60% natural sugar, rest assured: “Not much molasses is necessary … but what a tremendous difference just a little makes.  Meats take on a new flavor … rich and zippy.  Vegetables step out of the humble, plain tasting class.”  I hate that class of vegetables.

If you see any recipes that strike your fancy in the index above, let me know and I’ll send you the text.  Brer Rabbit molasses is still defeating anemia from coast to coast, making lard the only elusive ingredient in these bad boys.  Yum!

Brer Rabbit Molasses

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