Brer Rabbit Sure is Tricky… to Carve

As we creep ever deeper into the autumn – and Halloween – season, I decided this past week to get into the spirit with a bit of pumpkin carving! On a beautiful, fall day, I ventured to a pumpkin patch and picked out a perfectly round, yet manageably-sized pumpkin. After enjoying some apple-cider donuts, I was ready to return home to start this year’s carving project.

I’m certainly no pumpkin carving artist, but I decided to challenge myself a little this year. I thought it would be fun to create a Brer Rabbit pumpkin carving.

It turns out, this was somewhat better in theory than in reality.


First, I picked this image, painted for The Wren’s Nest’s 100th anniversary, as my inspiration:

Next, I transformed the image into a pumpkin stencil using Photoshop – following these directions – which resulted in this:

Then, I scooped out my pumpkin, making sure to the save the seeds (which I’m snacking on as I write this post), and started on my carving journey:








Unfortunately, the end result was not quite as clear as I had hoped:

I suppose this is just one more way that Brer Rabbit has made it tricky to capture him. Regardless, I had fun making my festive creation. And I’m certainly enjoying the roasted seeds of my labor.

If you’d be interested in using the stencil for your own carving, please email me at for a copy. Perhaps the fault was with my carving skills, not the stencil.

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