All you need is Love Atlanta

Every year in late June, the Passion City Church, a large congregation based in a former Home Depot Expo store, coordinates a massive citywide volunteer project called LOVE ATLANTA. They partner with other nonprofits and send armies of volunteers to help with more than 200 projects throughout Atlanta — including, we’re happy to say, cleanup days at the Wren’s Nest.

This was the third straight summer LOVE ATLANTA has pitched in at the Nest. More than 40 volunteers came over three days last week, many of them wearing masks because of the pandemic. As luck would have it, the first crew arrived on the morning the City of Atlanta decided to start replacing the sidewalk in front of the house, clogging our driveway with dumpsters and heavy construction equipment. Our helpers good-naturedly parked across the street and got to work.

They cleaned out the basement and scrubbed down the front porch. They pruned branches and trimmed bushes and pulled weeds. They picked up sticks and stacked stones, glancing at the rain-threatening skies. They filled a huge dumpster with debris and hauled scores of yard bags to the landfill. The grounds had been looking a little woolly, to tell the truth, and these volunteers gave them a welcome sprucing up.

Many thanks to LOVE ATLANTA coordinators Keronda Robinson, Stephanie Valenti, Abby Patrick and Billy Dukes, and to everyone else who came out to have a good summer sweat at the Wren’s Nest. Brer Rabbit loves LOVE ATLANTA and hopes to see you again next summer.



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