A Rabbit of Many Looks

The Brer Rabbit Gallery is now available for viewing!

In a previous blog post, we did a deep dive on the original illustrators for Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus books, including Frederick S. Church, James H. Moser, and Arthur Burdett (A. B.) Frost.

We shared these illustrators’ stories and work in an effort to inspire our audiences as they participated in a Brer Rabbit Drawing Challenge this past May. You can see all the beautiful and fun results of that inspiration in this gallery on our website.

But Brer Rabbit has had many looks between Frost’s original vested, dapper sketch and our contest submission of a futuristic Brer Rabbit Bounty Hunter. And now you can explore a few of those iterations in our new Brer Rabbit Gallery.

In this virtual art gallery, you can explore and learn more about the various illustrations, sculptures, and other depictions of the famous rabbit from different artists that we’ve found in our collection. Now you can see how the trickster has changed across cultures and throughout time while still remaining the same beloved, cunning rabbit.

This is by no means an exhaustive collection of every artists’ depiction of the character, but we hope that this gives you a peek into how ubiquitous and yet unique Brer Rabbit really is.

We hope you enjoy your virtual gallery tour! And please, feel free to share more fun, interesting, or even weird depictions of the Brer Critters you might come across via our social media accounts:

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Twitter: @TheWrensNest

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