A Haunting Report

The results are in!

This past September and October, The Wren’s Nest welcomed back the Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research to lead participants in ghost-hunting experiences. With the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from inviting participants to the house, we conducted the investigations over Zoom. One advantage of this was that we had participants from all over, including Kentucky, Illinois, and Ontario!

Today we have the results from all the sessions to share with you.

The team used the following equipment during the investigations: Digital Voice Recorders, IR Cameras, Various EMF Meters, Various Temperature Sensors, and Various ITC (Inter-Transcommunication) Devices. From this equipment, the team found the following:

  • Digital photographs yielded no positive results.
  • Video footage yielded no positive results.
  • Audio recordings yielded several positive results.

For the audio recordings, we highly recommend you listen to them with headphones on for the best results. Here are the positive audio recordings the team found:

September 19th Session

“Can you wave? NO” – We began the investigation in the East Parlor. Mandy and Ryann were seated on the floor with the SLS Camera. The SLS Camera utilizes and Infrared light sensor together with a monochrome CMOS sensor that is used to “map” spirit forms within any given space.

Our first instance of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) on this night occurred as Mandy and Ryann were monitoring the SLS Camera and noticed a figure sitting in the parlor chair by the fireplace.

Mandy asks “Can you wave to us?” A male voice can be heard saying “No”.

“Extra” – A Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) was left in the “Sisters Room”. The team was moving from upstairs to the basement. We can be heard in the background as a voice says something like “Extra”.

“You Know What?” – As the team was seated in the dining room, a female voice can be heard saying “you know what?”

October 16th Session

“Why?” – An ITC device known as “Cindy Lou Boo”, a talking teddy bear, was left in Joel Chandler Harris’ bedroom. The bear asks “Can you finish this?” and proceeds to knock “Shave and a Hair Cut, 2 bits! However before getting to the “2 bits”, Cindy Lou asks the spirits at the WN “Can you finish this?” A whispering voice can be heard asking “Why?”.

“Yes” – Cindy Lou asks “Do you know what time it is?” A whispering voice can be heard saying “yes”.

October 23rd Session

“I Told You” – As the team was leaving the sister’s room, a strong female voice can be heard saying “I told you!”.

October 30th Session

“Hey Buddy” – As Doug and I [Denise] were waiting in the parlor for the investigation to begin (Meredith was sharing about the history of the house and the Harris family), Doug twisted and I heard his back crack. I conveyed to Doug that it sounded like it hurt.

Doug said “All you have to do is keep your feet still and just twist.”

A male EVP can be heard talking over Doug and myself that says “Hey Buddy” and then some unintelligible words before Doug can once again be heard saying “keep your feet still and just twist”.

“Maybe” – While we were in the family room conducting an EVP session, I asked “Do you like Seafood”? A faint woman’s voice can be heard just before I ask “Do you like Fish?”. She seems to answer with the word “Maybe”.

Note: Shortly after this I [Denise] sensed a woman spirit who showed me a beautiful goldfish pond. I felt that visiting the pond on a beautiful day was a happy memory for her. I asked Jim about gardens on the property and he explained that there were many as the property was once “Snap Bean Farm”.

Read the team’s full report, including anomalies they encountered during the investigations here:

SIPR Investigation Report Wren’s Nest Sept. Oct. 2020

Seems we can definitively say, once again, that The Wren’s Nest is a haunted house.

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