1937 Uncle Remus Illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg

This 1937 Uncle Remus book illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg is quite handsome.  Apparently, the Peter Pauper Press only made 1100 of ’em.

The Lil’ Rabs on the cover caught my eye, and the illustrations inside didn’t disappoint.  I’ve included nine of them below. For some, I’ve added the audio from our storytellers that corresponds to the illustration.

Donald Griffin – The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story

Woodie Persons — Brer Rabbit’s Riding Horse

Akbar Imhotep – Mr. Fox Goes Hunting, But Brer Rabbit Bags the Meat

I love how innocent yet entirely malicious Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox look.

The next illustration is also deliciously evil — the Lil Rabs look on with glee as their father steams Brer Wolf alive.  Yippee!  Everyone in the back — throw ya hands up!

I love everything about Brer Wolf in this picture!  Just look at him!  Is this picture exactly like Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver or what?!

Akbar Imhotep, Brer Rabbit, Donald Griffin, Fritz Eichenberg, Peter Pauper Press, Uncle Remus, Woodie Persons

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