Wren's Nest Publishing Company — Potential Covers for Wayfarer's Diary

Wayfarer’s Diary, this year’s publication from the high school editors of the Wren’s Nest Publishing Company, will be released at the Decatur Book Festival over Labor Day weekend.

The editors engaged two professional designers — Lauren and Lucy — to put in bids for a cover.  I can’t tell you whose is which just yet, but here’s the front cover for one of the bids:

Potential Cover for Wayfarer's Diary

(Here’s a bigger version.)

And here’s the front, back, and spine of the other bid:

A Potential Wayfarer's Diary Cover

(Here’s a bigger version.)

What do you think of the covers?  Should the editors should go wavy or dusty?

Your vote doesn’t count for anything (no really, we’ll just throw it in the trash), but the Wren’s Nest Publishing Company editors do read this blog.  I’m sure they’d appreciate your braining.

We’ll reveal the chosen design at the Decatur Book Festival.  See y’all there!

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  • Alissa, I hope by “wavy” you mean the one on the bottom with the cool mountains, much more appealing color scheme, and obviously more professional design elements. Because if you’re talking about the one at the top, you’re just wrong. Definitely, the bottom one is the way to go!

  • The wavy one is cool, but I prefer the second one (since a wayfarer is one who traditionally travels by foot).

  • Great opinions so far! I prefer wavy, but I think dusty would sell better.

    What do you think the editors should do — go with what they like? or go with what they think will sell?

  • me and friend in agreement – love the first one. beautiful. i would change the font, though. second one is pretty, but seems to be the more ‘literal’ translation. that red boat on the first one is just cool, too.

  • i commented:

    although i don’t care for the typography on the first option, i absolutely LOVE the waves! it not only has a maze quality to it (which is more subtle/less transparent in regards to a “wayfarer” – or an added layer of meaning to it, rather) that is engaging and eye catching, but is also reminiscent of pages in a sketchbook (at least mine) filled with repetitive doodles. i like the idea that it reminds me of a sketchbook, or journal, filled with the wanderer’s thoughts and drawings. i also love love love baby blue combined with the pop of red. that color combo feels fresh yet nostalgic.

    the second option, although nicely balanced and possessing an obvious attention to detail, is just way too expected and apparent for my taste. i enjoy the subtle “aha!” moments (intended or not) of the first. don’t get me wrong – option one has evident intent, but it just feels more fresh and contemporary with “a little more than meets the eye” to it.

  • and…and i HATE when people do this to me…but in the name of constructive suggestions which i more often than not benefit from…on WAVES, i would totally take the beacon and the spotlight completely out. less obvious = more stimulating! it’s almost redundant.

    either way, these both are beautiful!

  • Those are both so awesome it’s hard to choose just one. Too bad you can’t print both, like TV guide does sometimes. That was people would have to buy two copies.

  • I totally want to do that Joe, but it’s not up to me and I doubt we’d have the money for that sort of thing. That said, I have no idea how much it’d cost.

    Schwamommy, totally agree re: the type on the wavy one. I don’t know what I’d like better, but I think it can be improved.

  • Maybe the designer of the first one thought that the purpose of this contest was to design a cover for the book “Wavefarer’s Diary.”

    As far as I can see, people’s only criticism for the bottom one, which apparently has been dubbed, “dusty,” is that it is “too expected,” and yet those same people go on to give major, “constructive criticism” to the “wavy” one, including the removal of major elements of the design, and changing of the font.

    Let me get this straight: The bottom one needs not to be changed in anyway, and you all agree that it will sell better, but, even though you think the top one needs to undergo some major improvements, you like it better because it’s less “expected?”

    It’s a good thing there’s an old cliché telling me not to judge a book by its cover. Because if I was to judge “Wayfarer’s Diary” by the the “wavy” cover, I would expect to be reading “Moby Dick”.

    Obviously, The “good” one, without question.

  • While both good, the 2nd one gets my vote. Although, I might make the mountain on the front part of cover a little smaller so that more of the blue sky with passport stamps shows. I know it’s supposed to be subtle but a little more (not a lot, just about 1/2 inch or so less “dusty” and more sky) near the front cover edge would be good.

    I also agree that this version will sell more and really that is ultimate purpose of the pub – to sell copies!

  • These are both great!

    I really like the waves: simple, sophisticated. The red boat pops, and the little lighthouse in the corner is subtle among the waves. It’s my favorite. Some have mentioned they don’t like the typography, but I prefer it over the other design.

    With the dunes, I agree with Jodi that the mountain should maybe either be smaller or have a bit more texture so it’s not such a huge piece of orange (it just doesn’t say “mountain” to me, especially if you’re viewing the cover without the back folded out to) … and to let the passport stamps shine through a bit more.

    Great job!

  • Hector, you misinterpreted and simplified the feedback way too much. But glad to hear you like the second one better!

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