West End Fire Station #7 Set to Close Today

As a result of a many million dollar budget shortfall and bickering between the mayor and city council, West End’s fire station #7 is set to close today …or later this week.  That part isn’t terribly clear.

Folks around here are not happy.

West End Fire Station #7 Set to Close

(More pictures, along with the AJC article, here.)

You’d figure that with the city of Atlanta adding 20,000 citizens in the past year things like–oh I don’t know–fire stations would find their way in the budget.  Ours is the longest-running fire station in the city, established in 1910.  For continuity’s sake you figure they could’ve picked another station out of the hat.

#7 is easily the closest fire station to the Wren’s Nest.  They served us just last month when they provided us a truck for Wren’s Nest Fest.

The local firemen and a rookie

I think they actually hired that kid.  Too bad he’s going to get laid off now.

There’s a protest planned for today at 11:30 am.  I’d expect television cameras and reporters there, so if you ever wanted to be on tv, now’s your chance.  You might could even help save our fire station, too.

If I’m not there it’s because I have a meeting until 12 and then another at 1.  Hopefully I’ll be able to wriggle out of ’em.

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  • I would guess one reason they picked it IS because of the age. That thing must cost alot in maintainence. But I feel your pain. I live in East Point and we just closed 2 of our 5 firehouses.

  • It could still be a great community asset- if the City would sell it – the danger now is that vagrants and vandals will break in and destroy it. You cannot secure a building like that –

    It would be great loft housing – an arts facility – or restaurant – if the city would let go of it – or agree to a long-term lease.

  • Very true Ronni, it’s a great building.

    And I think one of the problems is–according to Board Chair Marshall–that the garages are too small for the newer fire engines.

    Deb, I don’t envy y’all’s situation in East Point, great city though it may be.

  • I didn’t realize this station was closing! I drive by it every now and then on my way into downtown and have always admired it. As Deb says above, they closed two of ours in East Point, and one of them is the downtown station which is also a nice old building.

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