The Wren's Nest Has Fans Who Can Almost Write

Fan mail time!

Children Art

As usual, we’re here to highlight the best and the bravest of our latest batch of fan mail.  Or, more accurately, Nannie and Josie‘s fan mail.  No one appreciates the people behind the desks.  Sigh.


We are totally awesome, thanks

I’ve been saying the Wren’s Nest is totally awesome for a while, but foxes with smiley faced tees really drive the point home.

Fan Mail is Fantastic, I like you

Garrett played it cool for a while there, but then BAM!  We like you too, Garrett.
Thank you for all you've done.

I wish everyone would finish their letters to us this way.  You’re welcome, friend, you’re so very very welcome.

Abstract Poem

This one is my favorite and, unfortunately, the hardest to read.  Here’s what it says:

The STROYIS funny. Thank you. Baer Fox. Tar Baby. Brer Rabbit. Brer Baer. Brer Turtle. 100 Years. Uncle Remes. Mr. Harris. Josie. Dear Red nest. Nannie.

An abstract poem?  Many short and important statements?  A total disregard for punctuation?  I don’t know!  But I love it!

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  • For school groups, it would be an admittedly tough project, but if you could convince teachers to have kids write their last name, so you could scan the files and organize them alphabetically.

    THEN, when one of the little ones becomes a famous writer/president, you can show it off, blackmail them, etc.

  • I could not see how you would not love little children and this mail. It makes the work we do God’s Work. We are able to make children smile.

    Marshall Thomas (Board Chairman)

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