The Waffle House Museum is Awesome

Last weekend I ventured to the Waffle House Museum in Avondale estates in order to do some serious professional research/use that excuse to go somewhere neat one last time.

The Waffle House Museum of Avondale Estates, Georgia

The museum is only open one Saturday per month (and by appointment), so it was important to jump on the opportunity. Undeniable bonus? It was their 55th anniversary. I even got a pin that said so (not pictured anywhere).

Waffle House Museum Counter

Inside they’ve replicated the original counter and put out some extremely low-quality plastic food. I love it.

Now You Can Work at Waffle House!

Here’s where you can have your picture taken WITH FAKE BANGS to replicate an awesome photo, which you can see to the right. What a great idea! Maybe we’ll put a curly wig on some cardboard here to recognize my time with the organization.

Waffle House Museum Docent

Here’s our tour guide for the kitchen, aka a button with a speaker above. She was pretty good, though her question-answering was a tad lacking.

Vintage Waffle House Apparel

Next to the original restaurant, they have a museum area with memorabilia though the years. We also had a legit tour guide who kept saying amazing things like, “The guy who the chili is named after is my godfather — we eat at about 12 Waffle Houses every Christmas and he has to order the chili every time to ensure quality control.” What?!

The woman above began at Waffle House as a waitress something like 30 years ago, and is now in charge of like, Florida. Being the 55th anniversary and all, she was there to celebrate. She was super nice, and super excited to be there.

Vintage Waffle House Watches and Knives

Did you know they made Waffle House watches and pocket knives? You do now!

Waffle House Memorabilia

The menus throughout the years. I could have spent so much more time there, if I had eaten beforehand.  Which I hadn’t.

Inside the Waffle House Museum

Hey, there are the two founders behind a fake counter! How neat!

Waffle House Founder at the Waffle House Museum

AND OH MY GOODNESS THERE IS ONE OF THE FOUNDERS! He walked by our group as we sat on a stoop, actively loitering while we waited for our comrades to arrive. Needless to say, we were star struck.

If you get a chance, definitely go to the Waffle House Museum. We ate at the active location down the street afterwards, and it all amounted to a super special and informative afternoon. Thanks for rallying the troops, Brooke!

Finally, this is my last blog post as an employee of the Wren’s Nest, which is making me really sad, truth be told. It’s been great fun to write here over the years, and I’m going to miss it a lot. Let’s just hope Lain is funny on his own.

Many thanks to all of you who have read this blog and supported the Wren’s Nest — it’s no small thing, and we appreciate more than can be expressed here.

I need to end this before I get irredeemably sappy.  Bye for now!

Waffle House Museum

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  • Amelia, I just wanted to say that it really is sad to see you go. Your posts were always a great read, and you did wonderful things for The Wren’s Nest. Good luck to you in your new job. 🙂

    Also, your trip looked like it was awesome, and I’m really hungry now.

  • I have a collection of Waffle House Pins and I am a regular of the Waffle House in Huntersville, NC. I would like to know how many different Waffle House pins were made, especially the liscenend server pins?
    My granddaughter and I made a Waffle House of the Future out of legos which is on display at the Waffle House in Huntersville, NC. Exit 23, off of I-77.

  • Hello I am a huge Waffle House fan as I started my addiction as a truck driver a few years ago. Waffle Houses were definately my stop for food anytime i was hungry. I would love to go to the Waffle House Museum in Ga in the near future. I have called a couple of times but have not gotten a call back. Any suggestions on how to set up a tour? Thank you see you soon

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