Support Our Student Editors at the Decatur Book Festival!

As you all well know by now, Lain and I have big plans for this weekend — it’s the Decatur Book Festival!

DBF Bookzilla
(I especially love the DBF's graphic design this year)

We’re getting pumped about the opportunity to meet hundreds of visitors and say things like, “Yes, the Wren’s Nest does still exist.  We can’t believe it either.”

Furthermore, we’ll be debuting something big — our new banner!  Worth the (non-existent) price of admission alone, it will surely help you locate our tent between the Children’s Stage and the Gazebo.

But that’s not all that’s in store for us, no sir.  On Sunday afternoon our Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. student editors will be hosting a salon/cofeehouse to celebrate their literary journal, Wayfarer’s Diary.  Hey! You should come!

Wayfarer's Front Cover Only

Not only will the students and authors be reading their pieces, but there will be live music, free food, and most importantly, board games!  Oh, and you can buy the journal there too. (5 bucks – cheap!)

So join me and the students — a charming group, if I do say so — at Several Dancer’s Core between 2 and 5pm on the Decatur Square, right above the MARTA station.  See you there!

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  • I also love the DBF graphic design. Apparently Bookzilla has a head and spine made of books, a detached tail made out of an old-school fountain pen, a book-mouth with a bookmark tongue, and likes reading about fictional dragons. I get the impression it eats books, too. And it counterbalances its nerdy glasses four-eyededness with an outrageous 8-pack of abs. Bookzilla is in good shape. That’s what reading does for you. I’m sorry I missed meeting it at DBF. Was it friendly?

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