By now you might have noticed that Kingsized is playing our fundraiser here on September 27th.

That’s less than 10 days away.  I’m a little worried.

Kingsized at the Wren's Nest!

Don’t get me wrong — the show will be phenomenal, the tacos will be delicious, and the margaritas will have tequila.  I’m mostly worried that folks might miss out on a great time.

We’ve got a lot to compete with — class reunions, out-of-town plans, laziness, stock market induced excuses, hatred of fun and margaritas — you name it.

And in typical Wren’s Nest fashion, we were late spreading the word.  The price we pay?  Restrained panic.

We’re looking to you, dear Wren’s Nest blog readers, to help us out.  And boy howdy, have I got some incentive–

Inspire nine folks to come to the concert with you, and drinks for your entire table are on me.

You heard me.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone will take me up on this offer.  I’m sure you’re either too busy or it’s too expensive or you don’t have time to rally your crew.  I will be shocked if you can pull this together.

So prove me wrong.

Free drinks for you and your buddies all night, but only if you (1) are at least 21; (2) mention this blog post; (3) assemble your crew of 9 or more; (4) pay for your tickets in full; and (5) tell me about it before 4 pm on September 22nd (

Please, test my generosity.

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  • Are you chummy with any radio stations in the area? You should see if they’ll do any ticket giveaways. I don’t know if that’s what you were looking for, but the student radio station at Indiana had a ton of ticket giveaways throughout the year.

  • […] But check this out:  Executive Director guy Lain Shakespeare is throwing in FREE DRINKS for anyone who purchases a table (ten tickets).  Here’s the plan.  I am going.  You’re going.  All we need to do is round out the table and cocktails are free.  You were planning on going, right?  Well now all of our drinks are free.  The catch: the tickets have to be purchased by the 22nd to qualify.  Here’s how to buy tickets: Call The Wren’s Nest (404-753-7735) and say, “I’d like to buy a ticket for the Baby Got Books table, please.”  Say it with authority, and don’t let them give you any jibber jabber either. I’ll see you at our table. It’ll be the one with all the free drinks on it.  (And some portion of the ticket is tax deductible, too.  I don’t know how much.  Ask your accountant, Scrooge McDuck.) […]

  • Oh snap Christa, you see right through me!

    Seriously though, we are considering ordering way more margarita than we need, then storing all of it in giant vats in the basement of the freshly cleaned out Wren’s Nest. You know, for future lunch breaks and Miss Nannie’s tequila habit.

    So if after the concert you’re hungry and living on the streets, bring your tin cup by the Wren’s Nest and dip it in our margarita vat. Sustenance!

  • […] — At the Wren’s Nest, there’s going to be a fund-raiser on Sept. 27 featuring Kingsized.  The problem is they’re nervous that no one is going to show up because they were a little tardy in promoting the show. So here’s a plug in helping them get the word out. […]

  • Jessica Diane- great suggestion, if we knew anyone.

    Unfortunately, when people call and ask for our marketing director, we just hang up on them. So (a) we just don’t have much of a marketing side at all, and (b) we’re giant jerks.

    But yay for free promotion (see above)!

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