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Today when I opened our mail, the first thing I saw was this advertisement on the back of a magazine:

Sova Russian American Magazine

My first thought was, “OMG!  This must be a Russian Mail Order Bride catalog!”  The glee that filled me at this prospect was, in truth, unnerving.

Fortunately, no — this was a copy of Sova Russian-American Magazine, which is not a Russian Mail Order Bride Catalog, but instead a magazine for Russians living in the United States.

Writer Michael Borovsky had sent along his (quite substantial) article on the Wren’s Nest.

Interior of Sova Russian American Magazine article on the Wren's Nest

And that’s just page 2 of 8.  I even made the cut on page 6.  Good thing I showered that day.

Sova Russian American Magazine features The Wren's Nest and Lain Shakespeare

Brer Rabbit has been quite popular in Russia for at least a few decades.  Award winning artist Latif Kazbekov published a version of the Brer Rabbit stories in 1992 with beautiful illustrations.

Brer Rabbit Russian Illustrations by Latif Kazbekov

Now, if only someone could translate the article for me.  In eight pages my dimples must be mentioned, right guys?  Guys?

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  • Ooh, I think the Russian Brer Rabbit collection might be the one with my favorite cover– the one with Brer Fox dressed like a country bumpkin, leaning up against a tree? He looks like a total redneck and I love it.

    Congrats on the international press!

  • That’s the one, Rachael.

    There are so many illustrations in that book, all of them awesome. I wanna post ’em all on here, but I don’t want any Russians getting angry with me for doing so.

  • That is the best advertisement I have ever seen. Roman Feigin is a marketing wizard. Anything he is selling, I am buying. Lain, if you really want to drum up excitement for the Nest, I suggest you create an ad like that.
    PS: I’m sure Roman could translate that for you, call him at 770-617-0390.

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