Fan Mail for Curtis, Exceptional Storyteller

First of all: the Decatur Book Festival was an incredible success. Thanks to everyone who helped us out and who attended our events. The KIPP Scribes party for Don’t Forget That Day was particularly fantastic. Hooray for everyone!

The only downside: we were super busy throughout the festival, which meant less picture taking and more “Gah! Did I leave (insert necessary book/decoration/foodstuff) in the car?!” Oh well, doggone.

Thankfully, the children of Winona Park Elementary picked up our slack.

You see, a few days before the festival, our storyteller Curtis went to Winona Park to perform for the first graders. Clearly, they were quite taken — and we’ve got the thank you note showcase to prove it!

Curtis, enthralled audience, purple stage, thanks. Pretty standard and adorable.

It took me a while to decipher “uspe shle,” which was my bad. But y’all — “Remember t.”  I think.

This student really captured the candy corn of Curtis’ eyes.

It’s a shame Curtis caused Mazzy stress, but it looks like she had a good, loving time overall.

I really like how on the front cover here (right) the student captured the enormous bird haunting the proceedings. Curtis’s affinity for spinach (pictured, right) is particularly evident in the size of his forearms (also pictured, left).

Here’s the interior:

So, just to be clear, this student mentioned “love” not one, not two, but THREE enthusiastic times. Well done, Curtis.

Finally, I think it’s great that they’ve started giving the kids LSD to really “experience” the event.

Thanks, Winona Park! Great work, Curtis!

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