Don't Miss Chimamanda Adichie at the Decatur Book Festival

A few months ago Baby Got Books linked to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s fantastic TED Talk, just like so:

[youtube D9Ihs241zeg]

Our staff was pretty impressed. We talked about it with the staff of the Decatur Book Festival. They were also impressed.

“Do you think she’d come to the Decatur Book Festival?” they asked the good people at Random House.

The answer? “Yes,” but on one condition — Ms. Adichie didn’t want to speak; she wanted to have a conversation on stage.

“Gosh, who should she talk with?” the staff at the Decatur Book Festival probably wondered. “I’ve got it: the dope who suggested that she speak in the first place!”

And thus, on Saturday at 1:45 at Decatur Presbyterian I’ll have a conversation with Chimamanda Adichie, Tavis Smiley-style. Lucky for me, Brooke already found a Tavis Smiley how-to video.

[youtube loPmtnxI12o]

“Seeing how many voice cracks one can reasonably fit into a conversation with an author” must be in part two.

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