Critters at Lenox Square

As promised, here’s my mom and my aunt playing hooky to unveil the Brer Rabbit statue at Lenox–

Linda and Annette Harris Playing Hooky with Brer Rabbit at Lenox Square

Cool dresses. Where can I get one?

Left to right: Brer Fox, Linda Harris, Joel Chandler Harris Jr, Annette Harris, Brer Frog, Brer Bear.

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  • Rheta actually made the matching dresses – they were brown & white. We had to wear them to school with a hoop-type petticoat and our Sunday mary jane shoes with lace socks. I remember the day vividly – and all the teasing we received – especially when I sat down in the lunchroom and the skirt got caught over the top of the chair. The good news was we got to leave school right after lunch! Ahhhh childhood…

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