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Summit Spotlight: Melissa Swindell, Executive Director of The Wren’s Nest

Melissa answered questions about how The Wren’s Nest plans to support the Westside community and how she sees the Summit helping her achieve her goals. Questions like:

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the Summit?
  • What is your affiliation with the Historic Westside of Atlanta?
  • Why is the revitalization of the Westside important to you?
  • What are you doing for the Historic Westside, and what is your role in improving life for residents on the Westside? How do you feel the Summits can help you in your role?
  • What is your hope for the Historic Westside?

Constellations podcast recently featured Executive Directory Melissa Swindell. During this podcast Melissa shares her story of listening to the Brer Rabbit stories as a little girl, being told by Akbar Imhotep at the Wren’s Nest. During the interview, Melissa shares her insights into the history of Joel Chandler Harris and the Wren’s Nest. She showcases the rich background and legacy of Joel and his house at 1050 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.

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We were featured in the Living section of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Written by Anya Martin and photos by Jenni Girtman, the article starts off with:

When storyteller Akbar Imhotep walked down Gordon Street (now Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard) in the late 1970s, one house, mustard-hued with a green gabled roof and big latticed porch, didn’t seem to belong in the West End neighborhood. “There were big bushes on both sides of the driveway that made it seem forbidden…

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