Amelia Is Leaving the Wren's Nest for Dad's Garage Theatre

Amelia, our Program Director and my co-blogger, accepted the Development Director position at Dad’s Garage Theatre Company. She starts next week.

(Photo by Jason Travis for Purge ATL)

Dad’s Garage has about three times the operating budget of the Wren’s Nest. It’s also Atlanta’s most prestigious improv theatre. Case-in-point: their upcoming show, Boner-lympics. Later this month they are staging Two Gentleman of Lebowski, which we all should be excited about. Clearly, this is a phenomenal opportunity and a great fit.

Now don’t fret, y’all: Amelia is leaving the Wren’s Nest on stellar terms.

As you may recall, we brought her here three years ago because she was cheap and gullible. I’m lucky she stayed this long. Over the past three years she:

• Launched our KIPP Scribes program.
• Single-handedly ran the Wren’s Nest Publishing Company.
• Put the Wren’s Nest Ramblers to work smoothly and frequently.
• Orchestrated events like Wren’s Nest Fest.
• Performed innumerable administrative tasks such as (a) answering the phone on just one ring or (b) ensuring the Wren’s Nest Twitter feed is funny or (c) helping out that one time that kid puked in our air vent.

This just scratches the surface. It’s no wonder she was hired away.

Readers of this blog in particular will probably miss Amelia’s snide remarks, dirty jokes, and lists of Joel Chandler Harris’s nicknames. I will miss Amelia for her commitment to awesomeness, and I’d like to thank her for all that she’s given to the Wren’s Nest (thank you!).

Since I do not want to do her job, we’ve got to hire someone who is passionate, qualified, and generally fantastic. Do you know someone like that?

Here’s our job description in .pdf format. We’d like a new Program Director on November 1st, so time is of the essence. Resumes, cover letters and writing samples should go to

amelia lerner, Dad's Garage

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  • Congrats Amelia aka Amy! So sad to see you moving away from the Wrens Nest but I know you can’t escape too far! 🙂

  • It will be sad to see you go. However,you have done a fantastic job.I think that we had a wonderful team.It is like we are losing our right hand. All things must change and you will thrive and prosper in your new environment.My best wishes to you and thank you again for your blogs, planning, and smiling face.

  • [sniffle] I am sad to see you go, but am excited for your new adventures! And, Lain, what a shout-out to Amelia’s stellar resume 🙂 Love you both!

  • [sniffle] I am sad to see you go, but am excited for your new adventures! And, Lain, what a shout-out to Amelia’s stellar resume 🙂 Love you both!

    • She’s welcome back anytime as far as I’m concerned, Joe. We might can coerce her into some guest posts, be them Dad’s Garage related or if she, say, goes on vacation and visits other house museums.

      Either way, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Amelia.

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