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The Wren’s Nest is a cultural center that celebrates the timeless legacy of the Brer Rabbit tales and promotes the art of storytelling in all of its contemporary forms.

Melissa Swindell

Melissa Swindell

Executive Director
Melissa is a native of Atlanta who is passionate about local history. Before coming to The Wren's Nest, she was a curator at two historical societies and a research associate for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. She is a graduate of the Museum Studies program at Johns Hopkins University and American History at The George Washington University. When Melissa is not at the office, she loves traveling and visiting other museums.


Carla Ramcharam

Facilities Manager

Carla is a native of Los Angeles, where she owned her own business helping people live their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. After nurturing her family of 7 children and 19 grandchildren, she decided to make a move to Atlanta - and we're so glad she found us! As a lead docent and facilities manager, Carla is enjoying learning more and more about the history of The Wren's Nest and Joel Chandler Harris. In her spare time, she enjoys nurturing her grandchildren and reading.

Nannie Thompson

Nannie Thompson


Nannie has given tours at The Wren’s Nest since 1999 and has served as official Wren’s Nest housekeeper since 1996. Nannie knows more about the house than anyone and dares any one of y’all to prove her wrong. She is something of a Wren’s Nest celebrity.

Before her time at The Wren’s Nest, Nannie managed her husband’s restaurant, Fred’s, for 28 years.

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