Month: July 2010

After a hard-fought battle wrought with hair pulling (not true), tears (not true), and hours of deliberation (totally, totally true), our student editors chose a cover for their 2010 literary magazine, The Bard & The Muckraker.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the winner:

This cover was created by Emily Hauck of Lampe-Farley Communications.  (The other cover, for the many of you who fell deeply, deeply in love with it, was created by the talented Alicia Johnson.)

Thanks so much to both of our designers — this was an incredibly difficult decision for our students, mainly because both designs are just so darn great.  (A wonderful problem to have.)

Additionally, thanks to all of you who told us what you thought — the students appreciated your opinions, especially when the debate was stalled in a dead heat (see: 3 hours, seriously).  Look at you, making a difference.

Thanks, everyone!

If a Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. keeps chugging along but no one blogs about it, does it still happen?

The answer is: yes, and thank goodness for that.  This week the students get to choose a cover for their literary journal – exciting!  The journal debuts at the Decatur Book Festival to thousands of bookish types, so this is no small decision, no sir.

Here are the two submissions, created by local, incredibly talented designers (whose names we’ll splash all over the place once y’all have let us know what you think).  The students gave the designers a few cues, and both did absolutely amazing jobs of incorporating their requests.

Behold, #1 (remember, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger):

#2 requires a touch of explanation.  The designer created it so that it could be read from both directions (with the interior pages printed right side up, and the other half upside down).  Here is it from both angles:


So!  What do y’all think?  Which do you like better?  Tell us everything!

I’m not saying your opinions will actually affect anything, but it’s sure nice to hear ’em.

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