Month: June 2010

The good folks at Paste Magazine were kind enough to host the Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. students on a tour of their offices once again.  You think they would learn.

As is his habit, Editor-in-Chief Josh Jackson graciously showed us around, which was great.   The students, as is their habit, kept a healthy distance.  A good call, since Josh is absolutely the meanest person I know.*


We stopped in the offices of MetaLeap Design, who do all the graphic design for Paste, but also for other people, too.  They’re nice like that.

Here are the students with their futures (fingers crossed!) ahead of them: the interns!  Doesn’t it look glamorous?!

Our editors had a lot of questions for Paste’s Editors, all of which they graciously answered.  This is probably when Associate Editor Rachael said that interviewing people made her want to die.

A different view, this time including Editors Austin and Michael.

Paste, go figure, receives a lot of CDs.  Many of them end up here, and some are even on shelves!

They even listen to them sometimes!

Paste Multimedia Producer Kevin told the students about the time he met some dudes who were cleaning up trash at a music festival.  They handed him their demo CD.   Kevin had previously vowed to listen to every CD he was handed by a human, and so he listened.

The result?  The world now knows about The Low Anthem!  (P.S.  Every time Kevin tells that story, he’s handed many CDs.  And he still listens to every one.  What a mensch!)

Everyone who performs at Paste signs this wall.  It’s neat.

Here’s Rachael enjoying a token of our appreciation, courtesy of The Cookie Studio.  Yes, they are that big, and yes, they are that good.

Thanks again to the staff of Paste for sacrificing their time for the sake of our students’ bragging rights.  See y’all next summer!

Have you checked out our “Host Your Event Here” page recently?  Not to brag (just kidding — clearly to brag), but it is looking mighty handsome these days.

Here’s why:

Photographer and righteous dude Jason Travis shot a wedding we hosted recently. Jason graciously agreed to let us use a few of the photos to hawk our wares, which is much better than just promising the space looks nice over the phone (our former method).

Please, take a moment to check out the page and Jason’s gorgeous work therein — much improved, right?

Due to popular demand (or, more accurately, the kind folks over at AM 1690) we now have the (Brer) Rabbit themed episode of “The Kids Are Alright” available for your listening pleasure!

The Kids Are Alright — “Rabbit Rabbit”

The show features a smattering of songs with talking animals, storytelling by Akbar, and superb stuttering by our blatantly nervous executive director, Lain.  (Don’t worry — he starts to get comfortable somewhere in the last 3 minutes.)

My favorite part is the way the show’s host, Amy, put three versions of “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” back-to-back for contrast. Johnny Mercer? Louis Armstrong? Jackson 5? Yes, please! Miley Cyrus? Not in this show.

Give the show a listen and just try not to narrate your day to the tune of the Huckleberry Hound’s “Uncle Remus.”  (Example: Amelia Trace! Amelia Trace! Amelia Trace is a blog-a-writin’ gal!”) What’s your favorite moment of Lain being awkward?

Wren’s Nest Fest was this past Friday, June 11th, and I think the best word to describe it would be “bonkers.”

This is not because of the volunteers (hard-working and wonderful) —

nor the attractions (please — like miniature farm animals even know how to do anything besides be incredible) —

nor the entertainment (our clown also provides sno-cones and popcorn — it’s fool-proof).

Nope, this year was bonkers because we had a whopping 750 attendees.  You know how many that is?  A MILLION.

(Oh, you think that sentence didn’t make sense?  Try entertaining 750 people for 5 hours, including a woman who insists you bring in police to ensure no one cuts in line for lunch.  She is firmly holding your wrist the entire time.  Now you make your brain work.  I thought so.)

Each year, Wren’s Nest is this amazing combination of community support, gleeful small children, and fun times, with a healthy smattering of “you’re kidding me.”  In short, it earns one of the best naps of the year, period.  I might still be napping — I’m not sure.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out this year — we very literally could not do it without you.  Check out the pictures if you’ve got a minute.

Last night’s episode of Glee got off on the right foot with a snarky nod to Song of the South. Sue Sylvester, the deliciously evil cheerleading coach, takes a shot at Will Schuster, the dopey glee coach:

“Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing about living on the bayou.”

Gosh, I’m not sure whether to buy Sue a drank or punch her in the throat.

I’m thankful that the writers at Fox (a) finally made a fresh joke about Will’s hair; (b) specified that the racist characters are Disney’s; and (c) had Sue Sylvester deliver the line on the season finale.

Yet as much as I like getting folks to think about the Uncle Remus stories, I can’t say that I’m thrilled that this dimension of Song of the South is being perpetuated in prime time. Sue Sylvester is always over the top, and this is no exception. But given the film’s, uh, reputation I don’t think people will take it as such.

And seriously, how many people watch Glee? Millions!

How many people have watched this video of Akbar telling the story of Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch? Like, 4. And half of them can’t tie their shoes.

It’s awesome that Glee provided such a great reference to Brer Rabbit, but it’s a shame that it further brands him as something so negative.

Also, can we talk about how it’s at least a little ironic that a show so reliant on stereotypes is calling out other stereotypes?

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t make demands of you like that without the backstory.  I just get too excited sometimes!

This upcoming Saturday The Kids Are Alright program (AM 1690) will be featuring none other than esteemed executive director/voiceover enthusiast Lain Shakespeare.

Even better (unless you’re just into Lain’s sonorous voice — then there is nothing better), the show will have a theme: Brer Rabbit!  Well, Brer, other rabbits, and a touch of “wait a sec — animals can talk?”

The previously lauded Huckleberry Hound album is scheduled to make an appearance, as well as Wren’s Nest Staff Favorite Van Dyke Park’s “Jump!” and none other than “Little Bunny Foo Foo” (of course).

Even more excitingly, Akbar will tell a few stories on the air, which are bound to be excellent.  How do I know?  Because Akbar is always excellent.

AM1690  — The Voice of the Arts — is kindly featuring us to help promote Wren’s Nest Fest, which is next Friday, June 11th.  Please tune in and support not only Lain and the Nest, but the kind folks who were generous and thoughtful enough to include us.  Thanks!

ps- This isn’t Lain’s first rodeo.  Remember when he was talking about Song of the South‘s anniversary on WABE‘s City Cafe with John Lemley?

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