Month: May 2009

You can stop holding your breath now.

We’ve posted before and after photos of the Wren’s Nest exterior conservation efforts.  There are a whopping 59 in all.

Also, check out Lain’s skills with Photoshop Pixelmator —

West Wren's Nest Window -- Before and After

It’s like a visual time machine.

There are captions underneath each photo in the album, and remember — you do not need a Facebook account to view the photos.  (However, if your place of work has blocked Facebook, you’ll probably have to wait until you get home to see our progress.  Mom.)


Previously — Interior Before and After Photos

Today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an article on our conservation project here at the Wren’s Nest.  We graced the cover of the Living Section and got a few lines on the front page too.

Online, has a Wren’s Nest photo gallery.  Here’s one of the 17 pictures by Kent D. Johnson for the AJC —

Lain Shakespeare in the AJC

This is probably when I was saying, “If you tell people that I only own one suit, I’ll have to get another one.”

After you check out the article and the photo album, come back here and tell me what you think.  I’ll wait, don’t worry.

On Wednesday Harold Yudelson was elected as the chairman of the Wren’s Nest’s governing body, the Joel Chandler Harris Association.

Harold Yudelson, Board Chairman of the Joel Chandler Harris Association

Harold, retired from the shoe business, succeeds Marshall Thomas, who has been the board chair of the Wren’s Nest for the past five years (and change).  The term limit is 2 years, but it took us that long to dupe someone into replacing him.

That’s Marshall and me, just after tricking Harold into accepting the position.

Please, do not worry about Marshall.  We are not throwing him out on the street.  Oh no, he will chair our fledgling advisory board.

Harold has graciously agreed to serve a one-year term.  We’re lucky to have someone with his expertise, creativity, and sense of humor.

Plus, Harold is all about storytelling.  His own arsenal includes 542 war stories, 319 anecdotes about the good ole days, 47 instances where his wife outsmarts him, and 1 dirty joke involving parrots.  Board meetings will be a blast.

The award winning and totally awesome Paste Magazine is struggling to release its next issue.  They may put out a phenomenal magazine, but they haven’t been immune to the recession.

Here’s how you can help.  Below are just a few self-absorbed reasons why —

  • The Wren’s Nest was featured in Paste in July ’08, accompanied by the toughest picture of Lain ever taken.  We love the article, Dummies in the Attic, and it was a treat to work with the writer.

Lain Shakespeare -- Tough Guy or Cry Baby?

And that’s just us.  We’ve barely touched how great the actual magazine and website are (answer: very).

You can read the letter from Paste’s Editor Josh Jackson (pictured above) to readers here, find FAQs here, and most importantly, donate here.  Be sure to check out all the music you get in return for donating.  Good deeds can be rewarded!

Lain has already donated $25, and I’ll be doing the same shortly.  And remember — we’re but poor nonprofit folks.  Show us how it’s done, please.

Sunday was the deadline for Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. editor applications and I’m happy to report that we got more this year than any before.  Like, almost double last year.  Color us triumphant!

One teeny tiny asterisk: almost all of our applications came from women.  See: all but one.  And that one?  He’s got some major scheduling conflicts that, if we’re being totally fair, should prevent his acceptance.

Thing is, we really, really, really do not want this to be a single-gender program.  A coed dynamic is key, and I fear that an all-girls program will beget an all-girls program and so on.  Yuck.

So.  What do we do?  I figure the options are:

  • (a) Extend the deadline, with heavy emphasis on men
  • (b) Admit the sole fella, scheduling conflicts and all
  • (c) Ignore it — smart students are smart students, period

Got a better idea?  Leave your brilliance in the comments!  I’ll be lightly fretting in the meantime.

Three things today:

1. The Wren’s Nest is featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle because we do things like “blog” and “tweet.”

Lain Shakespeare in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

The highlight is definitely this photo of Lain and his all-child posse.  Since it’s an understandable question based on the photo — no, he did not father all of them.

I’m going to assume that most of you rubes don’t have subscriptions to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, so you can read the first couple paragraphs online or you can glance at this .pdf that we just stumbled across.

2. It’s Ms. Nannie‘s birthday today!

Ms. Nannie’s daughter called to remind us of this special day (it’s totally on the calendar, derr) and to let us know that Ms. Nannie didn’t want anyone to pay her any mind. Too late, Ms. Nannie.  Help us wish Ms. Nannie a happy birthday!  Fan mail and comments are encouraged.

3. Our plea for Wren’s Nest Publishing Company students is featured in Creative Loafing’s excellent blog, Fresh Loaf!  Thanks to Thomas Wheatley for that one.  Who knew Twitter could be used for good?

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