Day: September 27, 2008

Yesterday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured an article about Six Flags updating their darkwater ride, “Monster Plantation.”

Monster Plantation, Soon to be Monster Mansion

Come 2009, the ride will be known as “Monster Mansion.”

Before Monster Plantation, however, there was “Tales from the Okefenokee.”  The ride was based on Joel Chandler Harris’ critter stories.  Here’s what it looked like when it debuted in 1967–

[youtube KET0BNP5eqs]

I do not know what is up with the child is that explains the ride, but it did scare me the first time I heard it.

Six Flags updated the ride in 1968 to something much, much trippier–

[youtube YpH1X6PmHdA]

What just happened!?!

Of note:

1.  This article will give you more information than you ever needed about Tales from the Okefenokee.

2.  The first time I kissed a girl was on Monster Plantation.  I was 24.

3.  Since we’ve worked so hard to put on our concert fundraiser tonight, Amelia and I are skipping work on Tuesday to go to Six Flags.  We’ll return with a full report, annotated and footnoted.

4.  No really, #2 is true.  Mostly.

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